The Great Depression Unit Studies and FREE Printables

December 2, 2018

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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The Great Depression was a very sad and devastating time for people in America. It effected the rich and the poor and there is so much to learn from this time in history.

The Great Depression lasted for over a decade. It was from 1929-1941. It was called the Great Depression because it greatly effected so many people from all walks of life. This is a very sad and intense topic to learn about and can be hard for sensitive children. This makes for a great unit study when you are learning about this time period in history, but it is better suited for older elementary aged children and up.

I have compiled a list of free printables and resources to help you create your own unit study on the Great Depression to use in your homeschool.

Unit Studies and Printables:

The Great Depression Lesson Plans for Teachers from Mr. Don 

The Great Depression for Kids with videos, power point presentations and articles to read from Mr. Don .

The Great Depression and the Dust Bowl Unit Study from Homeschool Lessons. There are links to videos and articles and worksheets.

US History has an article on the Great Depression, what it was, and how the economy crashed when it was at it’s highest in the roaring 20’s.

The Great Depression Reading Handout with Comprehension Questions

Create a Depression Simulation for KidsAdventures in Mommydom

FREE Great Depression Curriculum Unit for High School Students from The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

The Art of the Great Depression Unit Study from Bright Ideas Press

The Great Depression Coloring Pages:

The Great Depression Started
The Breadlines
Franklin D Roosevelt
Fireside Chats


Unit Study Lesson Plans and Lapbook to go along with the book Leah’s Pony

Kit Kittredge Lapbook to go along with the Kit Kittredge American Girl Movie about a girl growing up during the Great Depression.

The Great Depression Connections Unit Study with tons of printables for lapbooks.

World War II and The Great Depression Mini Lapbooks 

Cooking and Homemaking in the Great Depression – these would be great to read with your teens and could be incorporated into a Home Economics course.

Time and Budget Saving Tips from the Great DepressionMelissa Knorris

7 Money Saving Cooking Tips from the Great DepressionGraceful Little Honey Bee

8 Lessons Learned from the Great Depression – Graceful Little Honey Bee

Great Depression Era Real Food RecipesMore with Less Mom

65 Pieces of Survival Wisdom From the Great DepressionThe Survival Mom

10 Lessons from the Great DepressionArtful Homemaking

Welcome to Clara’s Kitchen is an amazing resource from a woman who lived through the Great Depression! She lived to be 103 years old and her family put together this website with all of her recipes and information about her.

She had her own youtube channel cooking show called Great Depression Cooking with Clara with cooking videos that would be great to watch with your kids. She is so cute!

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