Passover Seder and spiral workbook

Learn About Passover and Celebrate Together

Hanukkah Verses Scripture Copywork

10-Page FREE Biblical Feasts Hanukkah Copywork

Sukkot Scripture Copywork Free Activity

16-Page FREE Biblical Feasts – Sukkot Copywork

Yom Kippur Scripture Copywork Free Activity

22-Page FREE Biblical Feasts – Yom Kippur Copywork

Rosh Hashanah Scripture Copywork Free Activity

10-Page FREE Biblical Feasts – Rosh Hashanah Copywork

Pentecost verses scripture copywork free activity

13-Page FREE Biblical Feasts – Pentecost Copywork

Biblical feasts celebrating passover

Learning All About Biblical Feasts – Celebrating Passover

Passover Verses Scripture Copywork Free Activity text with image of a baby lamb laying on the ground

16-Page FREE Biblical Feasts – Passover Copywork

Purim verses scripture copywork free activity

12-Page FREE Biblical Feasts – Purim Copywork

teach your children about the feast of lots Purim

Teach Your Children About the Feast of Lots (Purim)