Scented Gifts Your Kids Can Make

February 4, 2021

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When a holiday or special occasion is approaching, don’t run out to the store for a gift! Instead, check out these scented gifts your kids can make. A hand-made gift is very meaningful, plus your kids will have a blast with these hands-on projects.

Scented Gifts Your Kids Can Make

Bath Bombs

Who doesn’t love a bath complete with fizz, color, and a beautiful scent? These bath bombs are perfect for kids to make.

Bath bombs use ingredients you can easily pick up locally or online. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • baking soda
  • epson salt
  • citric acid 
  • bath coloring tablets (optional)
  • olive oil
  • scented oils (optional)
  • molds – for baking, or plastic easter eggs

For a twist on the simple bath bomb recipe, your kids could make these lavender bath bombs which add in lavender oil and dried flowers for additional scent. Using mini paper cups for the mold is a great idea.

Your kids can make huge batches of these and then you can package them for gifts. Stash a few away so that you have them on hand if you need a last-minute gift.

Scented Wax Gift Tags

Next, you could create scented wax gift tags to add to your bath bombs.

Here are the ingredients you’ll need:

  • scented wax beads
  • disposable tin
  • tweezers
  • card stock paper – or pre-cut gift tags
  • craft punches (optional)
  • scrapbook paper
  • wax paper

These tags allow your kids to use their creativity to design one-of-a-kind pieces that not only will smell amazing, but they can be used throughout the year. Pop these into a bag or container when they’re done and keep them with your gift wrapping supplies. They’ll make a sweet touch to any gift and the recipient will love them.

DIY Sugar Scrub

This DIY Sugar Scrub is so easy to make that even your three year old can help! It makes a thoughtful gift for grandparents, teachers, friends, and neighbors.

You will only need these few ingredients:

  • white sugar – 3 cups
  • olive oil – 1 cup plus 1 tsp.
  • scented oil – 10 drops
  • container

Your little ones will enjoy mixing all these ingredients together. Since you choose the scent, each batch can have its own aroma. Your teens may enjoy mixing together multiple batches of DIY Sugar Scrub to gift to their friends. It’s so easy, anyone can make it.

Handmade Soap

Finally, if you’re looking for a DIY scented gift that your kids can make, consider helping them learn to make handmade soap. Your kids will have a blast creating their own custom soaps.

Kids ages 9-16 will love the Soap Crate from KiwiCo. They can learn unique techniques as they work with new materials and crafting tools. Plus, they’ll get an illustrated instruction booklet to help them with every step! They can even check out online video tutorials for extra tips and tricks.

The Soap Crate is a sample crate from KiwiCo for kids in the 9-16 age category. These hands-on project crates for your tweens and teens are called Doodle Crates. Each month they deliver creativity to your doorstep.

Doodle Crates explore these craft techniques and more:

  • soap making
  • block printing
  • sculpture
  • resist painting
  • needle felting
  • fabric dyeing
  • candle molding

These crates are designed by the KiwiCo team of in-house experts, which include former educators and child development professionals. So you can be confident that your kids will get developmentally appropriate and enriching projects.

So whether your kids are 3 or 16, grab a few supplies and show them these ideas. Get the whole family involved in creating some scented gifts. These hands-on projects are not only fun, they’re growing your kids’ creativity muscle little by little. Plus, it will be fun for them to gift their projects to a friend or relative.

Scented Gifts Your Kids Can Make

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