Free Polar Bear Templates and Worksheets

December 3, 2014

Carrie Fernandez


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Polar bears are adorable creatures. Yet, they are also fierce and powerful. Check out these free polar bear templates and worksheets as a great addition to your polar bear or arctic animal unit study.

Picture of a Polar Bear with text overlay Free Polar Bear Templates and Worksheets

Why do kids like polar bears?

The polar bear’s Latin name is Ursus Maritimus, which means sea bear. This name is quite fitting as polar bears spend most of their time in, around, and on the ocean waters of the arctic region. They are classified as marine mammals.

So, why do kids love polar bears? It is probably the same reason we find them so majestic. Polar bears are huge and mysterious. They have a thick white fur coat that looks like it’s never seen a day of mud. Seeing a creature that while is awesome to the eye.

Polar bears are majestic yet frightening. They are at the top of their food chain and are a key player in the Arctic marine environment.

Fun facts about polar bears

  • Your kids will enjoy learning some super fun and interesting facts all about polar bears. Here are just a few that my kids found cool.
  • Polar bears were created to have white fur that can camouflage them into their environment. What is interesting about this? A polar bear’s skin is actually black. Its fur is actually hollow and has no white pigment to it at all.
  • These majestic animals are the largest living carnivores on land. They usually weigh over 800 pounds and are over 8 feet tall/long.
  • I thought I had a good sense of smell. However, polar bears can sniff the scent of a seal on the ice up to 20 miles away.
  • Today, there are only about 26,000 polar bears living in the wild.
  • A group of polar bears is called a sleuth or a pack.
  • My husband can swim for miles on end, but the polar bear has him beat. Polar bears can swim around 30 miles at a time but many more if it needs to.
  • Polar bears are found in five different countries across the globe. They can be found in the United States, Canada, Russia, Greenland, and Norway.

Now, I better keep this going, or else I will be included to keep going. Polar bears are just super cool land creatures. Check out these resources to use alongside your lessons on polar bears or arctic animals.

Free Polar Bear Templates and Worksheets

Polar Bear Worksheets

Label the Polar Bear Body Parts  – This adorable image is a great way young children can learn all about a polar bear’s body parts and label them. Your young learners can do this as a fine motor activity by cutting and pasting.

Writing Prompt Polar Bear Paw and Facts – Your student will learn all about polar bear facts with this polar bear paw writing prompt for kids. There are three different versions for kids to explore.

The “Bear” Facts about Polar Bears – This free download is a fun craft and writing activity to help you teach polar bear studies at home. No matter the skill level of your young children, this ten-page freebie provides several writing options.
Template Polar Bear on the Island – This coloring page is right up our alley because we currently live on an island. Check out this polar bear in the island coloring page pdf file.
Polar Lands Games, Printables, and Cards – This polar lands lesson plan includes enough activities to last the week. The lesson plan includes a memory verse, polar animal spelling activity, a polar lands PowerPoint, sensory tub, feed the penguin activity, and more.

Polar Bear Poem and Paper Bag Printable – Add this awesome resource is a great addition to your unit on polar bears with a great little poem and cute polar bear craft to introduce to your young children to the arctic animals. Language Arts, crafts, and science together are a great union in education.

Free Polar Bear Writing Frames and Paper – Does your child need any writing practice? This 18-page printable polar bear narrative and expository writing frames are perfect for homeschool projects.

Polar Bear Craft Templates

Polar Bear Counting Craft – This polar bear papercraft can be used to celebrate each day in January. One cotton ball is placed on the free printables of each day in the month of January until the polar bear is fluffy with cotton balls on the sheet.

Preschool Polar Bear Craft – This simple and free polar bear craft template is simple yet works on fine motor skills and bilateral coordination. The craft is a great way to practice the basic foundations needed before using scissors or buttoning and zipping.

Arctic Polar Bear Painting – This winter Arctic Polar Bear Craft free printable template may include ideas for mixing tempera paints and chalks. You can get plenty of tips and guidance on how your students can paint it best.

3D Winter Polar Bear Craft – This cute polar bear craft is a fun way to add hands-on activities to your arctic animals lessons or polar bear unit. Kids of all ages can enjoy this craft free printable polar bear craft during your winter season.

20+ Polar Bear Crafts for Kids – Grab your glue stick, oil pastels, white paint, glue cotton balls, pipe cleaner, and more some winter theme craft fun polar bears. Any one of these will be a hit for a fun polar bear craft alongside your lesson.

More Fun Winter Animal Studies

Penguin Life Cycle Printables – Penguins are actually from Antarctica but really go great alongside cold-weather creature units.

Arctic Animals Worksheets – Find some Free Polar Bear Printables as well as other polar animals and arctic themes. They are perfect for winter studies and lots of fun along the way.

More Arctic Animals Printables – Learn more about arctic animals with these free printable worksheets. 

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