Nature Inspired Bedroom Remodel for Less than $100

April 18, 2016

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Are you looking for affordable bedroom remodeling ideas?

Earlier this year, we switched our girls’ bedrooms around! My 11 and 9 year old have always shared a room, while the 5 year old had been in my old craft room. We decided to let our 11 yo have her own room and move our littlest in with her other big sister. The most difficult thing was completely emptying out one room and swapping things in the other. The next difficult thing would be to transform my old craft room (which is a 10×10 room with no closet) into a nice, cozy, space for my tween! This wasn’t the only challenge we had to tackle. It also needed to be done on a budget. $100 to be exact! The old room was a light purple. It had cheap curtain rods that were broken, so not only did we have to repaint the room completely, we needed new curtains and new curtain rods. My daughter is a nature lover and wanted an outdoorsy themed bedroom with birds. I started looking at natural materials like wood and rattan. They were so expensive! The curtain rods we wanted would have been $50 for two windows and that was with no curtains. Her windows are very wide and we would’ve needed two curtain panels for each window. We found some pretty linen curtains that were only $10 a piece, but we would need 4. That put us at $90 with no paint or accessories! This just wouldn’t work. I told my daughter ahead of time that we would have to get creative with this room remodel.

The day we went shopping we prayed and asked God if He could help us find some good deals! The first place we went to look for curtains was a home decor store. We were running into the same problems with the size of the curtains and needing more than one. It was just going to cost too much. Then we stumbled down a clearance aisle where my daughter squealed in delight when she found the cutest bird shower curtains for $9.00 each. These shower curtains were cloth and not plastic so they really looked like curtains. The best thing about using a shower curtain for a curtain was that they are so wide and we only needed one per window! Thank you Lord! We then ran over to Target where she picked out the prettiest white and yellow comforter set that was on sale for only $25! Next stop was Home Depot for paint. My heart stopped when I saw the price per gallon. As my daughter was looking at paint swatches I walked by a clearance table full of plain white satin paint that was only $15 a gallon and we could choose whatever color we wanted! She chose a beautiful color called Teal Lake. This was half the price of the other paint on the shelves! Some people may prefer to use an indoor paint sprayer and you can learn about that here, however her room is very small, so we just did it by hand. 

I loved watching my daughter be overjoyed by the deals we were finding and how God gave us deals on the most perfect things He knew that she would love. We never did find curtain rods that day that would fit our budget. As I was driving home and thinking about this nature theme I immediately thought of tree branches. I would just need some kind of inexpensive brackets to hang the tree branch with… Okay, enough of my rambling, let me show you how this room turned out and give you a cost breakdown! I wish I had a before picture. I am so horrible about before photos and just immediately started deconstructing the room the second I had the chance, and forgot to take photos. 

My husband cut some branches down in our backyard, we dried them, sealed them with polyurethane we already had on hand. I found some inexpensive outdoor gate pulls to use as our brackets and shower curtain rings to hang the curtain up with. 
My husband also made her a little hanging shelf from an old fence board and 99 cent hooks to hold her art supplies. We found this French vanity at a garage sale years ago and it doubles as a desk/storage area.
To give the room a more outdoorsy feel, we switched out a regular ceiling lamp with a $12 outdoor lamp, also on clearance! I love the shadows it cast in the room.
We scavenged some items from all over the house to use in her room. We already had the pictures and the birdhouses!
Since the room was so small with no closet, we used an old armoire that I had decopauged with nature wall paper scraps I had collected. It was the perfect fit on that small wall. 
The loft bed we had scored earlier in the year on a local homeschool facebook page. It was the perfect fit for this room. We got this lovely little hanging lamp from a thrift store for $2 and she uses it to read at night before bed.

Here is the final cost breakdown:
1 Gallon Paint: $15
4 Gate Pulls: $16
2 Shower Curtains: $18
Shower Curtain Rings: $10
3 wall hooks: $3
Outdoor Ceiling Light: $12
New Comforter Set $25

Total Cost: $99! (we did go over some in tax, but we did it!)

This room really exceeded our expectations! I can not believe we were able to do so much with so little! Now my daughter has a wonderful story to tell about God’s provisions. I love how He cares about even the smallest things like decorations for a little girl’s room! 

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