Free Bible Matching Games for All Ages

February 15, 2016

Carrie Fernandez


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Should we use games in our Bible lessons? Teaching the Bible with games is debatable, but if you wanted to start with simple games, then check out these free Bible matching games for all ages to help.

Be sure to grab the Free Printable Old Testament Bible Matching Game Instant Download at the bottom of the post. 

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Bible Matching Games

As we teach our children God’s Word line by line, playing games alongside your lesson plans can help them remember and expound on what they learn from scripture.

Should we use games to teach the Bible?

I know some homeschooling families are completely against playing games when it comes to the Bible. I also have some reservations about games and God’s Word. For instance, I am fully aware that trying to make learning God’s word ALL fun and games is not the way to go.

When churches or educators try to teach the Bible with fun and games it takes away from the grave message and good news that needs to be learned as well.

Only teaching with games and activities are easy ways to teach Bible stories, but without actual scripture and lessons, it may not produce the best results. A combination of fun and lessons will get the extra point across of the full gospel message while keeping your children also engaged.

Why start with matching games to teach the Bible?

Include some matching games alongside your Bible lessons. Matching games include meaningful fun for lessons on Bible truths. They are simple yet fun and interactive.

Matching games reinforce important and key ideas of Bible lessons. They also provide students with a simple and hands-on activity to maximize their engagement in lessons.

Don’t forget that matching games are also great for small groups of kids, children’s ministry, or a youth group gathering. These matching activities are perfect for learning key elements of a Bible story while engaging in some fun competition or challenges.

Children of all ages can enjoy them. Start introducing games to your students with the various Bible matching game printables free below.

Free Bible Matching Games for All Ages

Bible Matching Game Printables – This free, printable Bible Matching Game is a great way to test your Bible knowledge. There are four different ways to play the game, and it covers the Old and New Testaments.

Family Easter Devotional Memory Match Game – This is a great way to introduce the true Easter story and teach the reason why Easter is celebrated. This is a simple and fun matching game for the whole family members to enjoy.

Memory Game for the Books of the Bible –  My kids just memorized the books of the Bible in chunks. However, it was really hard for them so we made a song out of them in each section.

These Bible matching picture cards will help your children get familiar with these books of the Bible game. Grab these free Books of the Bible Fact Cards and Cheat Sheets to add to these memory cards.

Creation Matching Game – These days of creation matching games tells the story of creation with missing phrase of the verse or missing scripture passages. Students can choose from two different versions. One version has 6 matching cards and the longer version has 8 matching cards for download.

66 Books of the Bible Memory Game – There is a set of 2, 66 cards to correspond with the 66 books of the Bible. How to play: Mix up the cards, not in the correct order.

Place the cards face down, a first child picks two cards to see if they match. The next player picks the next card and a second. They match up the cards until all the cards are gone.

Free Old Testament Bible Matching Game

Scroll to the end of this post and click the instant download link below. 

printable pages of bible matching game with text overlay free printable Old Testament Bible Matching Game in Black and White and Full Color

Instant Download from WriteBonnieRose – Enjoy this fun Old Testament Bible matching game for kids. Six Bible stories are included, and cards are provided in both color and black and white so kids can color their own version if they’d like.

The Scripture reference for each story is also included so you can read the story as a family.

Remember you can also use these memory verse games and matching games in a small group for fun. Or any youth group gathering to break the ice.

Preschool Matching Games

Fishers of Men Matching Game – This adorable matching pairs game is perfect for younger children as you tell them the story about being fishers of men. The picture printable cards are of adorable and colorful fish.

God’s Promise to Abraham Match Game – This printable game for your preschoolers will help you reinforce the details of this story with picture cards. The story can be found in Genesis 15 where God says he would make Abraham’s descendants as numerous as the stars.

Noah’s Ark  Animal Match Game – This Noah’s ark file folder game is a perfect matching game for your preschool kids. Use these Christian preschool printables to introduce Noah’s ark in your Bible lessons.

King Josiah Printable Memory Match Game – Kids will be happy to learn that Josiah became king when he wa sonly 8 years of age. This is a fun way for kids to have a hands-on activity while they read about King Josiah found in 2 Kings.

Early Elementary Matching Games

Men of the Bible Matching Game – There are many Bible characters in God’s account of Christian history. These men of the Bible matching items printable game. This is a fun way for your children to learn about 12 men of the Old Testament and New Testament.

10 Commandments Matching Game – Teach your children the ten commandments with a matching game. This activity, of course, can be used as a review alongside your lessons on the ten commandments. Knowledge of the commandments is essential in our homes.

Attributes of God Fall-Themed Matching Game –  Are you teaching at children’s ministry or you are teaching your children at home? This attributes of God matching and memory game is a great way for little ones to learn about God. He is all-knowing, merciful, and Holy!

Holy Week Matching Cards – The holy week leading up to Easter is one of the Bible stories we must share with our children over and over again. As your children practice reading, you can provide them with meaningful practice with these holy week matching cards that match the image with a description.

Printables Bible Game Cards – Your children will totally enjoy these Bible card game printables to learn about Bible stories in the Old Testament and New Testament books. Use card stock to print them out or laminate them for extra durability to play a variety of games like Memory matching, Go Fish, Old Maid, and more.

David the Shepherd Matching the Pictures Game – This interactive anchor chart is a great activity for a bulletin board. Call up your kids to match the image with the corresponding item. See a child pick which matching card to solve on the board with the cards face up.

Upper Elementary Matching Games

Cornelius and Peter Matching Game – The story of Peter and Cornelius tells of how Peter begins to understand that the church would include Gentiles as well as the Jews. Help kids learn about this account of Christian history.

Ten Plagues Matching Game – With the ten plagues, we can teach our children to “Remember the Lord, your God.” Your older elementary students can use these to learn what the ten plagues were.

Jacob Deceives Isaac Match Game – In Genesis 27, Jacob deceives his own father in order to steal his blessing. The effects of his actions have had lasting effects even for nations today. Help your students learn about being honest with this fun game of matching story events.

Mothers of the Bible Matching Game – Whether you are teaching a Sunday school class or having a Bible lesson, teaching about the moms of the Bible is always a win. Students relate well to mothers because we are so awesome! Kidding, but use these game cards to match the various mothers of the Bible.

Ten Commandments Matching Game – I am researching the catechism and it is extremely interesting. Anyway, this ten commandments matching game is based on the children’s catechism questions and answers.

Bible Match Me Set of Cards – These Bible match me index cards provide an in-depth review of 35 people in the Bible. With these cards you can of course play a matching game, however, they can also be used for posters, as task cards, and more.

Samson ~ Manoah Judges 13 Match Game – Teach your kids about the Bible story of Manoah and his wife with pictures of them and other picture cards. You can print the cards with color or without color for kids to color on their own.

Instant Download: Printable Old Testament Matching Game

However you choose to use these matching games, your children will be learning about God’s Word and God’s love. All the while they will be having fun and engaging in Bible time.

Download: Old Testament Bible Matching Game

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