Learning About Famous Architects: FREE Printables and Unit Studies

February 25, 2020

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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If you have a child that is interested in the STEM field, they may be fascinated by architecture and how things are made. This could make them want to explore the career field of being an architect. 

Learning About Famous Architects free printables and unit studies text overlay on blueprint with a pencil image.


One way to do this would be by learning about famous architects and some of their work. There are many famous architects that are fun to research and learn about. Our team thought it would be a great idea to put together some free printables and unit studies on these famous architects. As I began my research on the subject, I quickly came to realize that there were little to no free resources on famous architects! It was actually quite a headache to try to find things to put together a well rounded unit study. 

Thankfully, we have some talented creators here at Homeschool Giveaways that have created some amazing resources on architects and architecture. This is what I love the most about homeschooling. If you can’t find something that you are looking for, then you can just create it or find people that have created it. We hope that these resources will help your children learn more about famous architects with these free printables and unit studies.

Learning About Famous Architects FREE Printables and Resources:

There are lots of famous architects, so I picked some modern ones, and some that are known for structures that are important to our world.

Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright is a modern architect with an American style that helped him to become one of the most famous architects in America. You can read his full Biography  HERE.

Facts for Kids on Frank Lloyd WrightKids Kiddle

Frank Lloyd Wright Facts and WorksheetsKids Konnect

Free Frank Lloyd Wright Coloring Book Images

The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation has an amazing virtual tour of Taliesin West, the first Frank Lloyd Wright property made freely available online using 3D technology!

Louis Henri Sullivan 

Louis Henri Sullivan is another American architect  who has been called the father of  skyscrapers and the father of Modernism. You can read his full Biography HERE.

Facts for Kids on Louis SullivanKids Kiddle

Learn about Louis Sullivan Famous Architects

Information on the Louis Sullivan CollectionThe Art Institute of Chicago

Frank Gehry

Frank Gehry is a Canadian-American architect known for his postmodern designs. You can read his full biography HERE.

10 Famous Works of Frank Gehry 

31 Spectacular Buildings Designed by Frank GehryArchitectural Digest

Antoni Gaudi 

Antoni Gaudi is a Spanish architect who worked mostly in Barcelona. He was a man of faith who designed grand churches and cathedrals. He was a Catalan architect known as the greatest exponent of Catalan Modernism. You can read his full biography with a full timeline HERE.

Antoni Gaudi Facts for KidsKids Kiddle

Read about the different Gaudi architecture buildings with photograph at The Art Story.

Antoni Gaudi Powerpoint for StudentsTwinkl

Sagrada Familia is the website devoted to Antoni Gaudi. Here you will learn of his life, his works, and his faith. There is also a lovely photo gallery.

More Famous Architects:

Famous Architects and Their WorkSurfer Sam

9 Incredibly Famous Architects Who Didn’t Possess an Architecture DegreeArch Daily

Famous People Mini Quiz Pack: Famous Architects – TheFamous People Mini Quiz Pack will have your children explore the lives of 4 different architects with 3 fun quizzes. Your older children will learn abou these men, their contributions, and what the world was like in their day.

FREE Famous People Mini Quiz Pack Volume 5 – Architects

Homeschool Giveaways exclusive freebies on Architects and Architecture:

Architects and Engineers Volume 1 Notebooking Research Journal – This 31 page notebooking unit will help your students learn about the men that created the designs of the Brooklyn Bridge, Washington D.C., Sagrada Familia, the Eads Bridge, the Great Eastern, and more.

Architects and Engineers Volume 2 Notebooking Research Journal – This research journal will help your children learn about 39 architects and engineers from 1900 to today, and their designs and structures.

Architect and World Landmark Facts Cards – This fun unit starts with 4 cheat sheets that list 40 world landmarks along with key years that they were created. Then there is a set of 40 fact cards with the full-color images of each landmark along with the information from the cheat sheets. There are also blank cards that can be used to test your children on what they have learned. This would make a fun game too.

Taj Mahal

FREE Architects and U.S. Landmarks Fact Cards – If you are digging into learning about more architecture, your children will enjoy learning about these famous US landmarks. These cards will introduce them to 32 of our U.S. landmarks and their architects. These are printable fact cards with places to record information they have learned.

architects and landmarks fact cards download

Here are some lovely picture books of famous architects. We enjoy looking at these coffee table style books in our homeschool.

13 Architects Children Should Know (13 Children Should Know)13 Architects Children Should Know (13 Children Should Know)The LEGO ArchitectThe LEGO ArchitectFrank Lloyd Wright: The HousesFrank Lloyd Wright: The HousesFrank Lloyd Wright: The Rooms: Interiors and Decorative ArtsFrank Lloyd Wright: The Rooms: Interiors and Decorative ArtsLouis Sullivan: Prophet of Modern Architecture (Norton Books for Architects & Designers)Louis Sullivan: Prophet of Modern Architecture (Norton Books for Architects & Designers)Louis Sullivan: The Function of Ornament (Norton Critical Studies in Art History)Louis Sullivan: The Function of Ornament (Norton Critical Studies in Art History)Frank O. Gehry: The Complete WorksFrank O. Gehry: The Complete WorksMakers of Modern Architecture: From Frank Lloyd Wright to Frank Gehry (New York Review Books (Hardcover))Makers of Modern Architecture: From Frank Lloyd Wright to Frank GehryGaudí. The Complete WorksGaudí. The Complete WorksAntonio Gaudi: Master ArchitectAntonio Gaudi: Master Architect


Learning About Famous Architects Free Printables And Unit Studies

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