Homeschooling Tips for a Childs Different Learning Styles

June 25, 2019

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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I really didn’t give much thought to learning styles when my son was in public school. Since we started homeschooling, I have toughed it out and had to learn along the way. I am stoked to learn more homeschool tips on adjusting to different learning styles.

why understanding your child\'s learning style is vital for homeschool moms

The issue I found with learning styles is that many kids I have come in contact with a couple of learning styles. My son definitely had about two different learning styles. Although I really had a hard time, in the beginning, I learned to adjust.

Educating some tips for my son’s style of learning has really helped me bond with him more. I really recommend you have your child tested to see what learning style or styles they do best with.

With some little adjustments to lesson plans and finding ways for your kids to connect to the subject matter. So, what do you think? Is your child a visual, kinesthetic or audio learner? How can you help?

Explore these homeschooling tips for children with different learning styles from Techie Homeschool Mom.

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