50 + Fun Ocean Coloring Pages for Kids to Print

April 24, 2023

Sara Dennis

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If you’re looking for some printable ocean coloring pages to supplement your child’s ocean unit study, then check out these fun sheets. You’ll find a wide selection of different sea animals to print and enjoy.

kids coloring pages on a rug

Coloring for Fine Motor Skill Development

Coloring pages are a fun activity to improve your young child’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. The kids can scribble, color, and paint these worksheets with vibrant colors. Then you can store the finished pages in a three-ring binder, allowing you to create a personalized ocean notebook for your child.

Some of the pages you see in this pack, have now been updated!

Ocean Coloring Pages Printable Pack – You can grab these 20+ Ocean Coloring Pages with a few new ones added to the pack, here in our store.

Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom of this post to grab more ocean animals to color and notebook about!

Coloring Pages In the Pack

These are examples of some of the coloring pages that you will see in our ocean coloring pages printable pack. There are lots of ocean images, the beach, tropical fish, a variety of marine life and sea animals coloring pages to add to your ocean lesson plans.

Pull out the watercolor paints when you hand your child this fun coloring page. A sailboat is sailing on the ocean while a couple of seagulls fly nearby. It’s a simple page that’s perfect after you’ve finished making some ocean crafts together.

ocean coloring page

Sea Ocean Animals

Are you looking for ocean animals for kids to color? Kids of all ages will have so much fun decorating this simple page. Two jelly fish float in the water above some shells and a crab. Be sure to pull out different colors of crayons so kids can go wild, coloring the ocean blue and the sand brown.

jellyfish coloring page

Ocean Life Printable Coloring Page

Two small fish swim in the ocean while a crab scurries along the sand. This is a great coloring page if you want to work on color recognition. Your kids can use a wide variety of bold colors to decorate the sea plants and make colorful fish.. This coloring sheet is also a great introduction to tide pool animals like crabs and clams.

ocean life printable coloring page

Sea Shells Coloring Sheets

This coloring sheet is a fun way for young children to color sea shells at the bottom of the ocean. A beautiful fish swims above the seashells while two small fish swim in the distance. It’s also a great worksheet to supplement a study on ocean habitats.

sea shells and fish coloring sheet

Under the Sea Coloring Pages

The world under the sea is full of different types of animals and coral reefs. This fun coloring sheet shows a submarine under the water so the people inside can see this beautiful place. Encourage your kids to draw people looking out of the submarine windows and studying life in the ocean. Be sure to ask your kids if they think the submarine is in the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean.

submarine under the sea coloring sheet

Ocean Scene for Kids

If you’re looking for free printable coloring pages featuring the beautiful ocean, then check out this adorable scene. A sun that is wearing sunglasses hangs in the sky above the ocean, where a school of fish is swimming. There’s even a lobster on the sandy floor. Plus, you can pull out this sheet after introducing the ocean zones to your kids.

fun ocean scene coloring page

Sea Life Animals

Older kids will love this cute ocean coloring page featuring an octopus and fish swimming in the ocean. You can add the page to a coloring book or use it to as an addition to a coloring book filled with beach coloring pages.

sea life animals coloring printable

Sea Life Coloring Pages

​After you and your kids have spent a fun afternoon making some crab crafts, pull out this cute ocean coloring page. Count the dolphins and fish with your small kids. Color the fish red and the dolphins gray, and then add a few fancy sea shells to the ocean floor.

sea life printable

Ocean Coloring Sheets

If you’re hunting for free resources about the ocean, then you need these ocean coloring sheets. Just think about how much fun your children will have coloring a couple of dancing dolphins on the ocean floor. They can color the sand brown or use a different color of pink or blue instead. Either way, these coloring sheets will keep your kids happily occupied for a long time!

dolphin coloring sheets

Ocean Fish Coloring Page

Supplement your collection of coral reef worksheets with a fantastic ocean fish coloring page. This page even includes a sand castle sitting underneath the three fish. Be sure to ask your kids if they think a little mermaid lives in the castle.

ocean fish coloring sheet

Sea Horses Coloring Sheet

Two elegant sea horses bob along the ocean floor on this fun coloring page. Older kids will especially love coloring the sea horses in vivid colors. You can also pull out the watercolor paints to have your kids paint the picture instead of coloring it.

sea horse coloring page

Ocean Coloring Page

Have you ever wanted to color a large blue whale? Whales are some of the largest animals in the ocean. This cute ocean creature will look fabulous hanging on your refrigerator after your young children have finished coloring the sheet.

ocean animals coloring sheets

Cute Ocean Coloring Pages

This cute shark coloring page features two adorable sharks swimming above the ocean floor. It’s a great addition to any shark week printables you may have downloaded to give your kids.

cute sharks ocean printable

Beautiful Ocean Coloring Sheets

Kids of all ages will adore spending a cold winter day putting together some easy paper plate ocean crafts. When the kids are tired of making crafts, pull out this incredible ocean scene that includes two adorable sting rays floating in the ocean. The page begs for you to pull out a wide range of colors so your kids can decorate the sheet to their hearts’ content.

beautiful ocean scene coloring sheet

Ocean Creatures

Are you looking for a variety of detailed designs featuring ocean creatures? These pages include a beautiful sheet with two ocean animals swimming in the middle of seagrass. Kids can color the sea grass green, the sand yellow, and the ocean blue.

ocean creatures printable

Underwater Adventure Coloring Sheets

Help young kids dream about having an underwater adventure with this fun coloring page featuring a child snorkeling in the ocean. A group of fish swims next to the child who’s about to enter an ocean cave. Encourage your kids to draw a picture of what they think the kid will find inside the cave.

underwater adventures coloring page

Marine Life Coloring Pages

A large puffer fish swims in the sea above the sea floor. This sea coloring page begs kids to color the seagrass in a variety of different greens. You can also use the coloring page as the start of a writing assignment by asking your children where they think the fish is swimming.

marine life coloring page

Fun Coloring Pages

​Add this fun coloring page to your collection of sea coloring pages! It features a ship anchored at sea while a variety of sea creatures swim underneath the ship. Older kids will enjoy adding people inside the ship or on the deck as they complete the page.

fun coloring page

Sea Creatures Coloring Sheet

A friendly whale chats with a couple of fish swimming in the ocean. This page begs you to pull out vivid markers to make the two fish really pop off the page. Your kids can also use bright colors as they color the various seagrasses on the ocean floor.

sea creatures coloring sheet

Printable Ocean Coloring Pages

You can’t go wrong with a couple of clownfish hiding in the anemone. Make sure that you hand your child orange, black, and white colored pencils before you begin. Your kids may also want to color the ocean blue.

clownfish coloring page

We’ve recently updated our ocean coloring pages. Grab these updated pages here:

Product Image

Ocean Coloring Pages for Kids

Does your child like fish and other animals that live under the sea?  If so, then grab these ocean coloring pages to enjoy today!

30 Free Ocean Animals Coloring Notebook Pages

Our friends at Daily Skill Building have created a beautiful free ocean notebook journal for our readers!

If you are learning about the ocean in your homeschool and you also enjoy notebooking, this ocean animals coloring notebook will be a lot of fun for your kids. They will have a great time coloring a variety of animals that live in the ocean.

These are beautiful, realistic images. After they have colored them in, they can then write each sea creature they are learning about on the lined notebook page. Notebooking is a great way to encourage independent work and research with your older children.

The 30 ocean animals included in this free ocean notebook journal are:

  • Amphipod
  • Beluga Whale
  • Blobfish
  • Blue Whale
  • Brain Coral
  • Brittle Star
  • Fire Shrimp
  • Frilled Shark
  • Giant Blue Clam
  • Giant Squid
  • Giant Tubeworms
  • Harbour Porpoise
  • Lemon Shark
  • Moray Eel
  • Octopus
  • Phytoplankton
  • Portuguese Man o’ War
  • Pufferfish
  • Red Dragon Firefish
  • Sea Anemone
  • Sea Cucumber
  • Sea Slug
  • Sea Urchin
  • Seahorse
  • Spiny Lobster
  • Starfish
  • Swordfish
  • Tectus niloticus Sea Snail
  • Tripod Fish
  • Zooplankton

INSTANT DOWNLOAD: Ocean Coloring Notebook PDF

ocean coloring notebook

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