Getting Your Kids Organized This Year

January 18, 2022

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Each year I worked toward getting my kids organized. And, slowly over time, it began to take hold and bring the expected results. Do you need help to get your kids organized this year?

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The first obstacle to hurdle is the by-in. Do your kids think this is as important as you do? Once they do, it is much easier to implement. If your kids don’t care about being organized or have a reason to get organized it will be more difficult to work towards.

I asked my children if they wanted more free time in their day, the answer was, of course, “Yes!” So, I explained that they could have free time to get more done in the allotted time for school and chores.

Getting Organized With a Checklist

One way to do this is with an organizational tool, and the easiest way is to use a checklist. Using a checklist helped them to see what needed to get done, and they worked faster as they went down the list. This in turn gave them more free time in their day because they were being more efficient with their time.

A checklist helped them to see what needed to get done, and they worked faster as they went down the list. This in turn gave them more free time in their day because they were being more efficient with their time.

A checklist for small children

When the children were younger, their checklist consisted of pictures. A toothbrush meant to brush their teeth; dishes were to clear off the table or help set it, and a broom meant to help sweep or pick up.

I created these icons on a sheet of paper, and the kids cut them out with sticky tack on the back. We put them on a blank marker board, then moved them around to the appropriate places. Unfortunately, that work of art is on a crashed hard drive, or I’d share it with you.

Now, you can buy all sorts of chore charts, but the ones we made ourselves were so much better and more appreciated. Your children may even enjoy helping you to create their own unique checklist.

Starting with a chore chart is an excellent place to begin with little ones, but a checklist is the best as they get older.

Checklists for older children

We always liked to create our own checklists. This way the children have a say in what they need to do. It teaches them time management and helps them think ahead about what needs to get done. This is a wonderful life skill to learn at a young age.

First, begin with the one week on one sheet of paper, divide the paper into the days of the week at the top. Then add the items to complete on the extreme left-hand side or column. Once the day is organized, it is time to branch out to other areas of life. 

Everything Has a Place

Start with the simple premise that everything has a place. If the kids have a place for their shoes, clothes, equipment (sports, dance, musical instruments), etc., they will know where to put the item when they are done.

Having one big day a week for laundry helps. This includes washing, drying, and putting away.

Pick-up should happen each day. If you take a few minutes each day to pick up before dinner, before going out to play, before free time, that will help. 

Start simply enlist the kids’ help, and you will soon find that things begin to go smoothly.

Free Monthly Checklists

If in doubt, list it out! You can always change and tweak these lists, and if you want a jump start, you can sign up for my weekly eZine where I send you access to our monthly themed checklists.

These checklists have blank sheets for your children and lots and lots of premade checklists to help you get started if you are overwhelmed.

After they are available for free to my subscribers, they will be made available for purchase on the Media Angels Website.

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