Fun Two-Player Board Games for Your Homeschool

June 8, 2020

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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Is it always realistic that you will have enough kids to play board games in your homeschool? I think not. Check out these fun two-player board games for your homeschool, because sometimes playing a two-person game is just right.

Fun Two-Player Board Games for Your Homeschool text with image of two kids playing a board game together

I can layout a slew of reasons why two-person board games rock. Here are just a few:

-Your third child is too young or too old to play the board game.

-You have a single child you want to play a board game with.

-Traveling with your homeschooler makes a fun time to play board games, just you two.

-Heading out for some one-on-one time with one of your kids at the coffee shop makes for great 2-player board game action.

-Even if you have a big family, chances are not all your kids want to play the same game – and that’s OK.

-Board games are an excellent way for two squabbling siblings to work things out in a positive way. (i.e., practice patience, practice taking turns, practice playing nice)

-Let’s face it. If its game night, you may not find a more than one person that is willing to be a VICTIM from your winning streak.

Whatever the reason, two-player board games are pretty useful and even necessary.

I enjoy taking my kids for coffee/hot chocolate or smoothie date during a homeschool week. They love getting away with me, and it is healthy for our relationship.

Here are our favorite games to play one-on-one at the coffee shop while we are playing “homeschool hooky”:

NOTE: Yes, some of these are oldies but definitely goodies. A few of the board games can be adapted to 2+ players.

Chess – My 13-year-old daughter is currently teaching me how to play chess. Her dad taught her, and she was on a chess team a while ago. It’s nice that she can teach me, she loves that.

Checkers – Checkers is a simple game, but it requires strategy and attention to directions and rules. We love it as a low key game. It is perfect for weeks that have been more challenging academically. Checkers makes a good break from “school.”

Scrabble – I love to play scrabble with my 10-year-old. It challenges him to think about bigger and bigger words to use each time. He recalls old words he has used. As a very energetic boy, I am glad to see him focus and be eager to make new words.

Qwirkle – This is a colorful fun spin on a scrabble and dominoes combo. There is a bit of strategy involved, but even your younger child can have a good chance of winning. So beware.

Ticket to Ride – This is too cool if you want to sneakily teach your kids the general location of cities around the United States and lower Canada. You both will be able to build railroad lines from city to city, and the longest route wins. 

Spirits of the Wild – This is a soothing and quiet memory board game great to play at the coffee shop. It helps kids concentrate and think about their next moves.

Pandemic – This game is not a competitive game but a cool cooperative game. You actually can work together instead of against each other to “save the world from an outbreak.” Seems fitting – right?

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Fun Two-Player Board Games for Your Homeschool

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