FREE World Currency Elementary Math Practice

December 24, 2019

Bonnie Rose Hudson

Bonnie Rose Hudson

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Every country and people has a unit or method of buying and selling. This FREE World Currency Elementary Math Practice unit introduces students to the currency of 4 nations while incorporating basic math word problems and problem-solving skills. 

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Each set of worksheets in this FREE World Currency Elementary Math Practice unit starts with a brief introduction to the country’s currency. It includes basic information such as how many centavos it takes to equal one peso. It also includes pictures of the various denominations of money. 

Each set of worksheets then includes several problems that challenge kids to think through the word problems and find the solution. For example, “You have 1 Australian note worth $10 and 1 note worth $5. You also have 6 coins worth $2 each, 1 coin worth $1, 3 coins worth 50¢ each, 4 coins worth 20¢ each, 7 coins worth 10¢ each, and 9 coins worth 5¢ each. How much money do you have total?”

With this unit, kids can learn about the currency of: 

  • New Zealand
  • Japan
  • Mexico 
  • Australia
  • plus the euro

The word problems are basic money word problems, but because they are referencing currency that isn’t as familiar, they challenge students to really think about the steps they need to take to solve the problems. 

A detailed answer key with step-by-step solutions is included. Scroll down to get your FREE instant download! 

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Instant Download: FREE World Currency Elementary Math Practice

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