Free Worksheets that Teach Telling Time

January 4, 2020

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Have your children been interested in learning how to tell time? With so much digital technology around our fingertips today, many children don’t see real clocks or watches anymore. Telling time worksheets are a huge help for kids when they are learning how to tell the correct time on a clock.

Free Telling Time Worksheets

Learning How to Tell Time

It is so important to teach your kids how to read a clock, or watch and not just the digits on a phone. Learning how to tell time is one of those math skills math normally taught in the 1st grade and mastered by 2nd grade.

I have a daughter that loves math. Anything with numbers in it excites and delights her. It is such a blessing to me because none of my other children were like this.

I still remember the first day that we opened her math book  and there were pictures of clocks in it. My sweet girl was blown away that clocks were actually math!

It was pretty funny and she was so excited to see the numbers on the clock and learn the different ways on how to count them. She couldn’t believe that skip counting to read a clock was using math in an everyday situation outside of school. 

Teaching Time with Math Worksheets

There are lots of different homeschool math curricula out there. They all introduce telling and reading time in different levels and grades.

If you have a child that is eager to learn now and it hasn’t been introduced in their school work yet you can start at any time if you think that they are ready. Printing off some telling time math worksheets is a great place to start.

Clock Confusion 

Some young learners may be confused by learning how to tell time. This is common if they are not used to needing to look at time on a regular basis.

If they are used to seeing digital time every day, the different clock hands on actual clocks could be frustrating to them.

Analog time can be tricky because there are minute intervals, a minute hand and an hour hand to keep track of. You can grab our free Analog Clock Worksheets Unit to help your kids learn how to read an analog clock.

Telling Time Activity Pack

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to snag our free instant download Telling Time Activity Pack!

Telling Time Activity Pack printables

Telling Time Worksheets

I love using lots of hands on clock manipulatives alongside worksheets for my struggling learners. Worksheets are great for children that need to practice reading and writing and seeing right in front of them.

What’s the Time? Printable Clock Worksheet Activity – This printable worksheet covers analog clocks and digital clocks to help your kids recognize time.

Telling Time Math Unit – A fun free unit that teaches your kids telling time in whole hours, half hour, half past, and quarter hour to and after.

Write the Room! Telling Time Printable Activity This activity is a fun way to get your kids moving and practicing telling time quickly.

Printable Telling Time Games – Just print and play these telling time games to practice reading a clock. There are 3 different levels of practice.

Telling Time Practice Booklet – This booklet is a great way to teach your kids how to tell time in a variety of ways and independently.

Clock Faces and Digital clocks  – Learn face time and digital time with this worksheets.

Tons of Telling Time Practice Worksheets – Tons of telling time worksheets to help your children practice telling time. There are so many different ones to choose from.

Draw the Hands Time Worksheet – Draw the hands on the clock to match the time listed on this adorable printable.

Elapsed Time Worksheets – Learn about elapsed time and time intervals with this large list of printables.

Telling Time with The Grouchy Ladybug PrintablesThe Grouchy Ladybug is such a fun book to read while you are learning how to tell time. This fun printables go with the book and will help your kids with their telling time skills. 

Digital and Analog Clock Practice Unit Printable Pack – Do your children know the difference between a digital clock and an analog clock? This 20 page free download will help your children practice comparing the times on the different types of clocks. There are digital clock worksheets, analog clock worksheets and comparison worksheets.

Digital & Analog Practice Free Printable Unit text with image of wall clocks

Telling Time Games

Games are great for hands-on learners to practice what they have been learning on paper in real life. These telling time games will give your kids the extra practice they may need to be able to tell time quickly.

Telling Time Printable Mazes Challenge – These are not your typical clock math worksheets, they are fun mazes that will have your kids challenged to tell time.

Hickory Dickory Clock Book – Use the favorite nursery rhyme to practice telling time with this printable book and game.

Telling Time Printable Card Game – Create your own card game to practice reading clocks with these printable cards.

Race Around the Clock Game – Work on telling time with this fun game that uses a clock that you make yourself and any deck of cards.

No Stone Left Unturned Time Game – This game sneaks in some clock flashcards without it seeming like you are using flashcards to play.

Printable Clocks and Clock Faces:

When I begin teaching time I always start off with a cute, bright yellow, plastic clock with moveable hands. It is a great way to get your child to actually “see” the hands move and practice reading time that way.

If you don’t have a plastic clock, or the funds to purchase one, you can find some great printable ones that you can put together yourself that will work just as well.

Complete a Clock Printable – This printable can be laminated and used with dry erase markers so your children can practice over and over again.

Clock with Minutes – This colorful clock lists every minute in numbers on it to help with learning the minute hand. 

Color Coded Clock – Practice reading “minutes past” and “minutes to” with this color coded printable clock to help your kids remember.

Printable Clock – Basic printable clock with a blank clock face to assemble and use with minute hands.

Clock Templates and Foldables – These telling time clock templates will have your children creating foldable books to practice time with.

Clock Face Playdough Mats – Hands-on learning goes really helps kids to remember things. Work on telling time with these playdough clock face mats.

Free Telling Time Activity Pack

Easily introduce all things clock-related with this super cute telling time activity pack. It comes with all the printable needed to introduce the various concepts dealing with telling time. Your kids will learn about the digital clock, analog clock, telling time to the hour, a half past, and more.

There are also coloring pages for adding a time on the face of the clock and writing it in digital format. To make this resource reusable, simply print on card stock paper and laminate. Scroll for instant download!

Telling Time Activity Pack printables

Download: Free Telling Time Activity Pack

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