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February 14, 2021

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Our world has had many different wars throughout history. Within each war are also battles that either led up to the war, or were part of the war itself. Battles can be very interesting to learn about and study. 

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Kids that enjoy history, or learning about weapons, or the history of wars will enjoy digging deeper into learning about historic battles. If your child is studying a particular battle they may want to learn more about the history time period that battle was located in. Then they will learn about the major war that the battle was a main part of. And there goes the fascinating and exciting rabbit hole of homeschool learning!

Here is a list of some famous battles in history along with resources to learn more about them:

The French and Indian War

Also known as the Seven Years War. It was fought from 1754 to 1763. This war pitted the colonies of British America against those of New France. Each side has military units that were comprised of Native American allies. This war was seven years long and was compiled of 11 important battles that made up the war.

Find out more about the different battles and where they took place at Mr. Nussbaum: The Battles of the French and Indian War

FREE Worksheets and Unit Studies about the French and Indian War

French and Indian War Unit StudyOur Journey Westward

Unit Study and LapbookTinas Dynamic Homeschool Plus

The Battle of Waterloo

This battle took place in Belgium on June 18, 1815. This battle marked the final defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte, the conqueror of Europe in the early 19th century. 

Battle of Waterloo Notebooking PageHomeschool Helper Online

42 Gripping Battle of Waterloo FactsFacts Legend

Duke Wellington and the Battle of WaterlooThe School Run

The Battle of Waterloo HistoryDK Find Out

The Battle of Gettysburg

This battle was fought on July 1st, 1863 and ended on July 3rd. It is considered the most important engagement and the main turning points in the Civil War.

Battle of Gettysburg Facts and WorksheetsKids Konnect

The Battle of Gettysburg: Summary, Facts and

Take a Virtual Tour of the Gettysburg Battlefied

FREE Historical Speech Analysis and Copywork: The Gettysburg Address

We have lots of resources to learn more about the Civil War:

FREE Civil War Printable Resources for your Homeschool

Hands-On Activities for Studying the Civil War

FREE Leaders of the American Civil War Notebook

FREE Battles of the Civil War Copywork

American Civil War Copywork

The Battle of the Bulge

This battle has been called The Greatest American Battle of the War by Winston Churchill. This battle was Hitler’s last major offense in WW2 and it lasted for 6 weeks from December 16, 1944, to January 25, 1945.

Battle of the Bulge History and QuestionsBrittanica

Learn about the military units in the Battle of the Bulge from the Battle of the Bulge Veteran Association

Battle of the Bulge Facts and Worksheets for KidsKids Konnect

Lesson Plans and Printables to learn about the Battle of the BulgeLesson Planet

The Battle of Iwo Jima

This was another major battle that took place during World War 2. It was a military campaign between the U.S. Marines and the army of Japan. It lasted for 5 weeks in 1945.

Battle of Iwo Jima HistoryDucksters

Iwo Jima U.S. History Facts for KidsAmerican Historama

18 Facts About the Battle of Iwo

Here are some World War 2 Resources if you would like to dig deeper into studying this war:

FREE World War 2 Guided Drawing Unit Activity

Your history and military buffs will enjoy these other resources:

Learning About Famous Military Leaders FREE Worksheets and Unit Studies

World War 2 This Day in History: D Day FREE Printable Resources

26 Movies for Kids Based on Wars and the Military

FREE History of Wars Cheat Sheets

FREE Worksheets and Unit Studies About Modern Wars

Featured Image for post FREE Resources to Learn About Historic Battles

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