Free Ways to Learn About Librarians

March 16, 2021

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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Studying community helpers in your homeschool just wouldn’t be right without those who help with the sources of knowledge around the globe. Grab these free ways to learn about librarians and use them in your community helper unit to understand how much they contribute to our communities.

Free Ways to Learn About Librarians text and image of a woman librarian working putting books on a shelf


I remember our school librarian in elementary school. She was one of the staff members who really seemed enthusiastic about her job.

She seemed to love telling us about books, showing us where books were, and showing us how to find them.

Don’t get me wrong; she surely was a tough cookie. She was tiny, worked right in the middle of the South Bronx, and had absolutely no qualms about enforcing her library rules and procedures.

Librarians have quite a big task as part of their role.

Librarians teach people how to search for books in the physical library via tools, indexes, and categories. They also show people how to search for books and information on the World Wide Web using Internet searching strategies and various tools.

Within the library system, they purchase materials, place the materials in categories, teach, answer questions, provide customer service, enforce guidelines, work with technology, and much more.

Even within the general field of Library Sciences, there are specializations that librarians can go into. Here are a few of the different classes of librarians today:

  • public service librarians
  • reference and research librarians
  • technical service librarians
  • collections development librarians
  • archivists
  • systems librarians
  • electronic resources librarians
  • outreach librarians
  • school librarians

Each of these classes of librarians has a specific role, all equally important and necessary to help libraries function properly.

Check out these free ways to learn about librarians for your community helpers unit:

What is a Librarian? | KidzSearch

Career Librarians | Career Kids

Children’s Librarian | American Library Association

Librarians – What They Do | Student

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Your visual learners can watch these cool kid videos about libraries, librarians, and what librarians do:

Meet a Librarian and Library Tour | Edmonton Public Library

Take a Field Trip to a Library – KidVision Pre-K | South Florida PBS

Library for Kids: Rules, History & Manners – Social Studies for Children | Kids Academy

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Community Helpers: Librarians | St Catharines Public Library

What Do Librarians Do? | American Library Association

a picture of a big indoor library sitting and studying area
Image by Siggy Nowak from Pixabay

Let your kids go on a virtual tour of libraries around the world:

Take Virtual Tours Of These Stunning Libraries | I Love Libraries

Virtually Visit 8 World-Class Libraries | Library Journal

8 Examples of Virtual Library Tours | Always Learning Librarian

Check out these library activities your kids will enjoy and learn from:

long curved row of books in a bookcase

Taking a Trip to the Library Free Printable Pack

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Library Book Lists Divided by Topic

FREE Library Skills Activity Pack for Distance Learning | Staying Cool in the Library

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Library Call Number Search (FREE Printable) | Summer Pittman

Find the Differences: At the Library FREE Worksheet |

Library No Prep Printables FREEBIE | Little Library Learners

FREE Library Bingo | The Artsy French Teacher

Pretend Play/Dramatic Play Library fun:

Library Dramatic Play Center | Play to Learn Preschool

Read Across America: Library Dramatic Play with FREE Printables! | No Time for Flashcards

Indoor Activities for Kids: Let’s Play Library! | Books and Giggles

Grab some books about librarians and the library while you are at the library:

Books About Teachers and Librarians | Pre-K Pages

Great Books That Celebrate Libraries | Paper and Glue

Celebrate Reading with Children’s Books About Librarians! | Babies to Bookworms

Teach kids about some library rules that librarians need to enforce:

Library Rules | Hinds County School District

Media Center/Library FREEBIE Resources | Mrs N The Book Bug

Teaching Book Care Rules – Activities and Ideas | Staying Cool in the Library

Book Care Rules Coloring Page and Bookmarks – FREE | Staying Cool in the Library

Classroom Library Labels FREEBIE | Stephany Dillon

When exploring librarians as community helpers, don’t forget to take a chance to thank them for their hard work and contribution to the community.

Many librarians can hold field trips or provide a tour in larger libraries. Librarians rarely get the recognition they deserve, yet they help individuals in their educational journey on a daily basis.

When exploring the amazing community helpers all around our community, these awesome resources can help:

FREE Community Helpers Printables

Printables about Community Helpers

FREE Community Helpers Handwriting Practice

Free Ways to Learn About Librarians text and image of a woman librarian working putting books on a shelf

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