FREE Ultimate Field Trip Planner

October 7, 2019

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Homeschoolers just love field trips. When we started our homeschool group back up this year, the first thing everyone wanted to talk about was what field trips we would be taking as a group. Field trips are great for making memories with your children, developing deeper friendships and immersing yourself in learning experiences and opportunities.

FREE Ultimate Field Trip Planner and Printables for Kids

Sometimes we can have so many ideas of what we want to do and where we want to go, that it can be hard to implement them. This is where a planner can come in quite handy. This month’s theme over at the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network is all about field trips. Felice has created a wonderful field trip planner chock full of ideas to help you plan some amazing field trips.

This planner includes over 65 pages of planning tips, printable field trip guides, lists of items to bring on a field trip and lots of activities for your children. There are mini books that your children can use to keep a record of memories from their trip. There are reflection questions that your children can answer and keep in a folder or field trip journal. She has also included lots of educational printable activities just for fun to keep your children busy while you are doing your planning!

Find out more about how to sign up to receive this printable field trip planner and more new freebies each month HERE.

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