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September 24, 2019


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If you’ve ever looked for a Bible study for your teen or tween, you probably understand when I say I was totally overwhelmed at all there is available. But, since I have two teenage daughters, I knew I needed to dig in and find them something that would speak into their lives in a way that maybe our discussions couldn’t. 
So what was I looking for? 
  • I wanted a resource that would introduce them to and equip them with the habit of daily time in the Word. 
  • I wanted it to be approachable and not overwhelming, especially for my dyslexic daughter. 
  • I wanted it to embody a daily liturgy all the while relying on the power of the Holy Spirit to guide them and reveal Truth to their heart. 
  • I hoped for a GUIDE that led them to truth about God… Not a book that attempts to interpret scripture or teaches them that scripture is all about THEIR lives. (Remembering that the Bible is indeed a book about God.)
How to Help Your Teen or Tween Develop Consistent Sound Bible Study Habits text with image of free pdf workbook download
Ultimately, I wanted a resource they could sit down with and do independently each day that would deliver the Gospel truth to them just as often as they needed to hear it. I wanted it to make reading scripture approachable without it telling them WHAT to think but rather HOW to lean into God’s Word and rely on the Spirit to lead them through it. 
I am a huge fan of Jen Wilkin and love her book Women of the Word (review: here). I love that her method of Bible study is systematic without being dry. It’s rich and honors the order of God’s Word. Above all else, it tasks us to remember that God’s Word is first and foremost about GOD, not about us. I wanted that same clarity and purpose for my own children- without being daunting. 
While it may very well exist somewhere, I couldn’t not get my hands on it, so I made my own! I create a 63 page printable that has a brief introduction for parents but mostly speaks to our children. It lays the Gospel out plainly and clearly and then helps them to understand why we should read the Bible and why we should purpose to do it a particular way. All in all, the student reading is a short 6-7 pages. 
The remainder of the printable includes a daily, repetitive journaling page that helps train our youth in solid, Bible study habits that will benefit them throughout their lives. 
You can read more about it and download it for free over at Life, Abundantly. 

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