FREE Space Terms Vocabulary Copywork

August 13, 2020

Bonnie Rose Hudson

Bonnie Rose Hudson

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It’s no secret that space is vast, and with such a big place to explore, there are a lot of unfamiliar terms to learn. This FREE Space Terms Vocabulary Copywork is one way to help your students learn the meaning of 30 space-themed words while sharpening their print handwriting skills. 

Free Space Terminology Vocabulary Copywork text with galaxy print background


For example, do your kids know the difference between an asteroid and a meteoroid? What about the difference between a blue star and a nebula? They can learn all this and more with this FREE Space Terms Vocabulary Copywork

This is a great way to combine science and handwriting and make both more fun! Each page has a definition they can copy as well as a geometric-themed border they can color if they choose. They’ll learn the meaning of: 

  • asteroid
  • basin
  • black hole
  • blue star
  • circumpolar constellation
  • comet
  • constellation
  • craters
  • eclipse
  • event horizon
  • far side
  • hemisphere
  • main sequence stars
  • maria
  • meteor
  • meteorite
  • meteoroid
  • near side
  • nebula
  • nuclear fusion
  • orbit
  • planetary nebula
  • prominence
  • pulsar
  • revolution
  • rotate
  • singularity
  • solar flare
  • sunspots
  • supernova

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The Astronomy Student Notebook workbook cover with background image examples of pages

We also have some FREE space-themed resources for you to enjoy! 

Instant Download: Free Space Terms Vocabulary Copywork

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