FREE Space Themed Writing Prompts Packs (Beginner & Elementary)

April 30, 2019

Carrie Fernandez


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My children have always enjoyed learning about space and the planets. Our solar system is such as magnificent wonder and displays the beautiful handiwork of our Creator. This month we are going to be featuring some free resources on the solar system and other wonders of space.

Space Themed Creative Writing Freebies text with image examples of two workbook covers


If you have used our other free writing prompt packs, then you know what to expect. If not, then you might want to grab all of them! You can do so when you sign up using the link at the bottom of this post. 

Since children love to draw (or at least mine do), our themed creative writing printables include a place to draw and illustrate the creative writing prompt. Beginning writers only have a short traceable sentence, but there are lines included that they can use to write additional sentences or words if they are able. 

Our early learner creative writing prompts include a black and white illustration at the top that can be colored with a place to draw. Included is a simple sentence that can be traced along with lines for additional writing. 

space writing pages

We have a separate printable pack for elementary students that also includes the space at the top for illustrating their writing. The prompts are intended to spark creativity so they can write additional sentences or a paragraph and will often require them to look up something, such as: “write the names of the planets in order according to size.”

Other writing prompts include such things as:

  • You woke up on Mars. What do you see?
  • Write about meeting an alien 
  • Suddenly the rocket lost power and then…
  • What would it be like to walk on Saturn’s rings?

space writing pages

Each of these space-themed creative writing prompts pack contains 20 total writing prompts. You will find a new writing prompt for each day of the school week for one month (4 weeks @ 5 days a week).

If you are studying about space or the solar system in your homeschool, you might also enjoy this free unit study on the Seven Wonders of the Solar System:

Seven Wonders of the Sola System workbook cover with image examples of pages


These FREE printable writing prompt packs and the Seven Wonders of the Solar System unit study are for subscribers only. Click here to get access to these printable packs.

Note, if you are already a subscriber, you can scroll to the bottom of any email we send you for a link to the subscriber freebie download page and find them all in one spot.

Space Themed Creative Writing workbook covers

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