Free Resources for Studying Geology (Worksheets & Activities)

May 14, 2021

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Are you wanting your children to learn more about the Earth and how it is made up? Kids enjoy learning about geology, especially the study of different types of rocks. If you are interested in geology, be sure to look through these free geology worksheets and activities. 

a hammer with a rock background with text FREE Resources for Studying Geology
What is Geology?

Geology is an Earth science that is the study of the composition, structure, history and physical properties of the components of the Earth.

When you study geology, there are many topics that can be covered such as: volcanoes, rocks, crystals, mountains natural resources. You will even learn about the causes of natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and landslides and how they affect the Earth.

Free Resources for Studying Geology

Be sure to scroll through our big list of free geology printables that you can use for science lessons.

Free Geology Printables for Rocks and Minerals:

Geology Crafts and Activities

fun geology learning activity project crafts for kids

Geology Activities

Websites to Learn More About Geology

  • Geology for Kids – Games, Experiments, Lesson Plans, Videos, Photos and information.
  • is full of news and information about U.S. Geology and Earth Science in many different categories to research.
  • Kids Geo has an in depth online geography textbook written for kids. There are so many different topics to read about as well as fun, online games all on geology.
  • USGS is the government website for the U.S. Geological Survey. Learn about natural disaster and geological mapping.

What is a Geologist?

To learn more about geology you will want to teach your children what a geologist is, and what their jobs are. A geologist studies the processes of the Earth such as volcanoes, earthquakes and landslides. They study and investigate earth materials, minerals, rocks, metals and more.

There are many different fields that a geologist can go into, and specialize in. A geologist isn’t just someone who studies and collects rocks. They can be a naturalist and major in environmental study.

They can go into a field where they learn about how natural causes and natural resources can effect the earth. Many geologists also work with conservation and climate change efforts that effect our environment.

Learn About Geologists

If you want to further your study of geology you are going to love these helpful resources:

Geology Fact Cards – Students will learn about 12 different types of rocks and 8 different gemstones and minerals using the Geology Fact Cards set.

Geology fact cards book

Geology Printables

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