Learning About the Layers of the Earth with FREE Printables

April 12, 2019

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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When we were studying Astronomy in our homeschool science co-op this past year, we learned about our planet Earth. When studying about our planet, the most fascinating thing we learned about was all the layers of the Earth. Our children really enjoyed “seeing” the different layers through the various experiments and books that we read and science really came alive to them.

Learning about the Layers of the Earth with Free Printables

The Layers of the Earth

Our earth is not just made up of dirt and soil, it is more complex than that. It is actually made of rock and metal! The Earth has many layers. The main three layers are the crust, the mantle and the core with many of those layers having even more layers inside of them. It is really quite fascinating.

Your children will really be able to “see” the different layers come alive with all of these printables and hands-on activities we have put together for you. These would be great to use if you are learning about planet Earth in astronomy, or if you are studying Earth science. You can also use these resources to create your own unit study.

Free Layers of the Earth Printables:

Different Layers of the Earth Diagram Labeling Printables 

Label the Earth Diagram 

Label the Outer Layers of the Earth 

Color the Earth’s Layers 

No Mess Printable Layers of the Earth Model 

Earth’s Layers Doodle and Write Graphic Organizer 

Earth’s Layers and Atmosphere Printable Card Game 

Layers of the Earth Coloring Page 

Homeschool Clip Art has created many different Layers of the Earth labeling charts, worksheets and activity pages that would be perfect in a Science notebook. 

Layers and Spheres of the Earth Notebooking Research Journal

To dig deeper into your learning of the layers of the earth, we have created a Layers and Spheres of the Earth Notebooking Research Journal.

In this notebooking unit, your children will get to take a look at 26 layers or spheres of the Earth, and research and record facts in their very own journal. There are 27 pages and it is an instant download!

Layers of the Earth Hands-On Activities:

Discovering the Layers of the Earth with Play-Dough 

DIY 3-D Layers of the Earth Pop up Diagram 

Lego Soil Layers of the Earth Activity with Legos 

Make an Earth Pizza 

Layers of the Earth Craft with colored rice and beans 

Layers of the Earth Hands-On Science Activity 

Free Rocks and Fossils Resources

If you are learning about Earth science you will enjoy some rocks and fossils resources:

Free Printables and Resources on Rocks and Fossils

Free Instant Download: Rock Terminology Copywork Notebook

If you are also studying about natural disasters, such as earthquakes or volcanoes – or even learning about weather, be sure to check out our free weather and natural disasters resource page.

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