Easy Science Experiments for Learning About Earth Science

January 27, 2021

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Science experiments are what make science come alive. Especially for young learners. If you aren’t engaging your children with hands-on activities and experiments they may think science is dry and boring. And without the experiments it sure can be!

If science can come alive to your child, they will start to get interested in it and want to learn more. Connecting experiments to book work will help your child to have a better understanding of what they are reading and learning about. Maybe even one day, they will want to go into a science field or career. 

Easy Science Experiments for Learning About Earth Science


If we are going to do science experiments in our home, I like to prepare for them. They can get overwhelming sometimes with the mess and the fuss of gathering up materials. Many times I don’t have the time or ability to go out and pick up lots of strange supplies. This is why I like to choose the easy experiments and pair them up with what we are studying in science.

Most science curricula will include an experiment and a supply list, but that can get overwhelming too! This is where the internet can be a busy homeschool mom’s friend. I enjoy searching for easy experiments with items that can be found at home.

Earth Science:

Earth Science is the study of the solid Earth, including the air, and waters that surround it. Since Earth science covers many different sub topics of science there are lots of fun experiments that you can do. If you enjoy unit studies you can break down your studies into even smaller topics such as: layers of the earth, geology, natural wonders of the earth and more.

Check out these easy science experiments for learning about Earth Science:

Learn about rocks and minerals by making your very own rock with things found around the house! How to Make a RockFantastic Fun and Learning

How to Make a Crystal Geode with household itemsParenting Chaos

Beach Erosion DemonstrationLittle Bins for Little Hands

Easy Water Cycle in a BagPlaydough to Plato

How Do Folded Mountains Form: Science for KidsThe Chaos and the Clutter

This is a great hands-on science experiment to explain how fold mountains are formed.

How to Make a Cloud in a JarHomeschool On

Make Earthquake Waves with a cardboard boxKids Earth Science

Teach Plate Tectonics with Graham CrackersPlaydough to Plato

Easy Rock Testing Science ExperimentKCEdventures

Use Acrylic Paint to Simulate a Colorful Agate PatternEllen McHenry’s Basement Workshop

Easy Playdough Volcano Science ExperimentLife Over C’s

If your kids love science, they will love this fun twist on the classic baking soda and vinegar science experiment using a play dough volcano!

Geology Experiment: Stalactites and StalagmitesTeach Beside Me

Make the Layers of the Earth out of soft modeling clayThe Chaos and the Clutter

How to Make the Layers of the OceanFrom Engineer to Stay at Home Mom

Rain Cloud Science ExperimentBeyond the Playroom

Make a Tornado in a GlassRookie Parenting

FREE Earth Science Printables and Resources: Archaeology, Caves and Geology

Earth Science_FB

If you like the unit study method of science check out these awesome notebook companions:

The Geology Student Notebook – In this unit, students will use a combination of written narration and drawing alongside The Geology Book by Master Books to learn about our planet.

The Minerals Student Notebook – Students will learn what minerals are, where they are found, ancient and modern uses for minerals, mining, minerals in the Bible, how to identify minerals, and how to start or develop their own mineral collection.

The Caves Student Notebook – Help your students learn about caves and how they formed from a Creation science point of view with The Caves Student Notebook, a notebook companion for The Cave Book by Master Books.

If you love easy science experiments you may want to try these for an Astronomy theme:

Easy Science Experiments for Learning About Astronomy

Easy Science Experiments for Learning About Earth Science

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