Free Printables And Unit Studies About Camels

December 23, 2020

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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These free printables and unit studies about camels will help you teach your kids about camels and shape what they think of when they think of these fascinating creatures. 

Free Printables And Unit Studies About Camels

Some of us only think of deserts, Arabian nights, or Aladdin. Some of us think about the Nativity Scene or the three kings/wise men riding to see baby Jesus in the manger to bring gifts.

Whatever we imagine about camels, I think we can all agree that camels are actually majestically beautiful animals – except the spitting. I am NOT fond of the idea of spitting.

Yes, camels spit and kick if provoked in self-defense. Want to know something even worse? That camel spit is NOT “saliva” spit. It is actually “vomit,” so don’t provoke a camel. They will puke on you in the form of a speedy spit. 

Your kids can learn a lot more interesting facts about camels with some of the resources below.

Here are some of the facts that my kids found most interesting, the vomit spit was #1 – hands-down.

-There are basically, two different types/species of camels. The dromedary camels that live in the Middle East which have one hump and are all domesticated there. Then there are the  bactrian camels that live in China and Mongolia which have two humps.

-Camels are beautiful, but did you know that the words camel means “beauty” in Arabic?

-We usually see camels trotting slowly, but they really can move as fast as a horse – about 40 mph.

-Camels were said to be domesticated about 5,000 years ago.

-Check out how amazing God’s Creation is. You may have noticed that camels have very long eyelashes. They have these long eyelashes because the lashes, along with a protective eyelid, help protect their eyes by keeping out sand during a desert sandstorm.

-Camels have nostrils that they can willingly close to protect them from sandstorms.

-All camels are born without humps.

-Camels can reach 7 feet tall.

-Their humps are super useful. The camel humps store fat when they don’t have food readily available. They can go for up to six months with no food at all, thanks to their humpy storage units (Yes, I made that up – “humpy storage units”).

-There are wild/feral camels in Australia (about 700,000 dromedaries).

Free resources and unit studies about camels:

(Warning: Some of these sites may have references to “millions of years ago” terminology. Please be aware of the lingo and teach your children in the way they should go in this matter. Thank you!)

Camel Family Zoobook FREE Lapbook | Homeschool Share

One Hump or Two? Camel Unit Study | HubPages

Notebooking Safari-China and the Bactrian Camel Resource | Write Bonnie Rose

Bactrian Camel Notebooking Safari text with image of a camel

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Free printables about camels:

Camel Facts and FREE Worksheets | KidsKonnect

FREE Printable Camel Worksheet | Twisty Noodle

C Is For Camel FREE Printable Preschool And Kindergarten Pack | Miniature Masterminds

Camel (FREE) Color by Number Printable | Hello Kids

FREE Coloring page : Zentangle Camel | Just Color

How to Draw An Easy Camel – FREE Printable Worksheet | Drawing Lessons for the Young Artist

Activities and crafts to add to your camel lessons:

Top 5 Camel Crafts For Preschoolers And Young Kids | MomJunction

Camel Race Steam Activity Inspired By The Wooden Camel | The Educators’ Spin on It

Desert In A Box: Biome Diorama (FREE Craft) | All Free Kids Crafts

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(Video) Arts and Crafts: How to make a Camel model | Craft Sweet Craft

In The Art Room: Hump Day (Drawing one hump camels) | Cassie Stephens

C Is For Camel Zoo Craft | The Keeper of the Memories

Resources about camel-themed kids books you can check out at your local library:

Alice the Camel Printable Song and Craft | DLTK-Kids

Clarence the Camel | conniewithay

Alice The Camel: Lessons and Activities | Craft Play Learn

Roxy the Ritzy Camel | Look to Him and Be Radiant

The Wooden Camel | Frantic Mommy

Two Fat Camels By Douglas Sean O’Donnell | Thinking Kids Blog

Alice the Camel with Lyrics – Dance Song for Children (Video) | Learning Station Music

Videos to watch with your kids all about camels:

What is it like – Camel Fun and Learn Series | BulBul Apps

10 Things about Camels – Fun Facts | Hogie the Globehopper

7 Fun Facts About Camels | Facts for Kids

Why Do Camels have Humps? | Happy Learning English

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Here are some resources to help you get started in learning about more desert animals in your homeschool.

Animals of the Desert Printables

Animals of the Desert Printables Download Now! text with black and white background image of a camel

FREE Animals of the Sahara Desert Printables

So, remember to not provoke camels or just don’t get too close to them. Enjoy this animal created perfectly for its environment by our sovereign God.

What do you think your kids will remember about camels after this study?

Free Printables And Unit Studies About Camels

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