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March 22, 2020

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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The Sahara desert is the largest, hot desert and second largest desert in the world. It seems like it may be a parched, dry wasteland void of all life. It has miles and miles of sand, with no signs of water anywhere. Surprisingly, it is home to many unique animals. Some are very poisonous and even deadly. 

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These animals of the Sahara Desert are survivors that can adapt and live in the harshest of conditions. If you are learning about deserts, or animal habitats, the Sahara desert makes for an interesting learning unit study.

Since there are so many different animals of the Sahara desert, your children can spend a lot of time researching them. They could pick their favorite animal to learn about and create a research paper or report about it.

The animals of the Sahara Desert are worth studying and learning about because they are so fascinating. Some of them are also pretty creepy, and a little scary too. Yet there are some adorable creatures such as the desert fox. The fennec fox are the smallest of the fox species, and they have very large ears to keep them cool. Their large ears and tiny face makes them look like a cartoon character or stuffed animal!

FREE Animals of the Sahara Desert Printables:

This hot desert has many species that are adapted to survive in this particular climate. There are 70 species of mammals, 90 bird species, 100 species of reptiles, several different spiders and scorpions. The most common is the dromedary camel. The scarier ones are the deathstalker scorpion and the deadly, venomous sand viper that stays hidden by the sand.

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Websites and articles on Saharan Desert Animals:

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The Sahara Conservation Fund would be great to use to do research about some specific animals of the Sahara desert. There are pages of information and photos for each of these animals: Addax, Dama Gazelle, Bustards, North African Ostrich, Scimitar Horned Oryx and Vultures. 

What Animals Live in the Sahara DesertWorld Atlas – This talks about 15 different animals of the desert, with photographs of each. Don’t forget to take a peek at the adorable fox!

Geography and Climate of the Sahara Desert:

These facts came from the Sahara Desert Facts & Worksheets from Kids Konnect:

  • The Saharan desert measures 3,320,000 square miles. 
  • Temperatures can reach as high as 136 Fahrenheit 
  • It rains less than 3 inches a year!
  • It is located in North Africa and covers 11 countries! These are: Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Chad, and the Sudan.
  • The Nile River runs through the Sahara Desert and it is home to around 2 million people, some of them Nomadic.
  • The Sahara desert can get very cold at night.

Websites and articles on the Saharan Desert:

Opportunities and Challenges in the Sahara DesertInternet Geography – this is a neat article that is full of maps. It explains about the different resources the desert has to offer and the challenges of development in the Sahara desert.

Deserts of the World: The Sahara DesertDesert USA – this website has landscape, water and climate information for the Sahara Desert with some beautiful photos and a map showing the countries it covers.

All About the Saharan DesertThought Co. – Learn about the geography, plants and animals, and people of the desert.

The Sahara: Earth’s Largest Hot DesertLive Science 

Saharan Desert Facts for KidsActive Wild – with pictures, maps, informational facts and video.

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Free Animals of the Sahara Desert Printables


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