Free Summer Following Directions Worksheets

July 12, 2018

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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Grab this summer and beach themed following directions activity great for kindergarten to 2nd grader. You can read the prompts listed on the right side of the worksheet to your young learner. The, you child will color the picture according to the directions. Moms will love that this activity as it is no-prep and uses low ink. It is a useful tool for kids struggling with their speech or struggling to read. They can have fun working on their listening skills.

following directions worksheets

Following Directions Worksheets

This free printable pack of Summer Following Directions Worksheets is great for early elementary aged students. There are five printable black and white following directions worksheets with a summer theme. 

The summer objects included are: sea turtles, seashells, beach balls, lemonade stands, buckets and pails, surfers, popsicles, jellyfish, dolphins, fish, crabs, stingrays, trees, sunglasses, surfboards, water, coral reefs, mermaids, octopus, sun, and much more!

following directions worksheet

Examples of Following Directions Worksheets

  • Draw an X on the sea turtle
  • Color the starfish
  • Draw a circle around the crab
  • Color all the fish different colors
  • Draw a square around the octopus
  • Draw a sun in the top left corner

Students will also be instructed to draw items and color pictures certain colors.

Make Your Own Following Directions Worksheet

Lastly, there is as Make Your Own Directions page that has a fun summer-themed picture that kids can make up their own instructions on. This is a great activity for siblings to do for each other.

summer following directions worksheet

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Free Following Directions Worksheets PDF Download

Download these free summer-themed following directions worksheets for your children below.

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following directions worksheets

DOWNLOAD: Summer Following Directions Worksheets

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