Free Hiking Journal for Children Plus Tips for Getting Kids Outdoors!

July 17, 2019

Sarita Harbour

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As a homeschooling mom who’s passionate about outdoor living, I’m not surprised by the latest studies listing the numerous benefits of getting kids to spend time outdoors.

These include physical, emotional, and mental benefits. And while our day has room for unstructured play, to get the most out of our “outdoor time” I’m always looking for ways to add in an educational component. 

Free 6-Page Printable Hiking Journal for Children

Recently my nine-year-old and almost-six-year old have been on a journaling kick (maybe you remember the Composting Journal and the Gardening Journal I created earlier this year.) They love recording their activities after completing a hands-on project or activity.

That’s why I created this Hiking Journal. It’s their own keepsake of the hikes we take together as a family.

You can grab your own free copy with the link at the bottom of this post.

When Your Kids Don’t Like the Outdoors

Yes, this is a thing – some kids don’t like the outdoors. If you’re finding it difficult to persuade your children to spend time outdoors, here are a few tips.

Invite Friends

Some kids get bored outdoors on their own. Yet a trip to the playground, a nearby beach, or even just hanging out in the backyard can be much more fun with friends. Encourage outdoor playdates with your kids’ friends. Stock up on inexpensive outdoor fun with sidewalk chalk, bubbles, or plan an outdoor craft.

Pack a Picnic

If you have a “food-motivated” child, start planning weekly picnic lunches. Head to a park and plan a family physical activity like a hike, a game of tag, or even a swim before lunch. Don’t forget to pack lots of water and an ice pack to keep things cool.

Enroll in an Organized Outdoor Club

If you live in the city or suburbs and find it hard to get outdoors as a family, consider enrolling your child in an outdoor club to learn camping, hiking, and outdoor living skills.

Some children avoid spending time outdoors because they’re afraid and unprepared. Once they know how to handle themselves in a natural environment their confidence increases and they’ll enjoy their outdoor time even more.

Schedule Homeschool Lessons Outside

Do you ever homeschool outside? We do. Living in Canada’s subarctic, we have an extremely long and cold winter. Once warmer weather arrives we spend as much time outdoors as we can – even if our bookwork isn’t done. We just take it outside with us or try an outdoor-oriented lesson.

Encourage your “indoor kids” outside with activities like:

Take a Family Hike With a Mission

My favorite way to encourage kids to get outside is to organize a family hike – one with a purpose. Choose to explore a new trail or park. Try a nature scavenger hunt, or work on a navigation lesson. Use a subscription box service like Think Outside Boxes (get $10.00 off with the FIRSTBOX coupon code).

As a family, use your hike to work through a new outdoor skill each month. You’ll get fresh air, exercise, and new memories for your whole family to cherish.

Head over to An Off Grid Life to grab your free copy of the Hiking Journal for Children! 

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