FREE Geometry Resources for Upper Elementary

August 2, 2019

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Geometry can seem like a very daunting subject in the high school years. This is why it’s important to introduce geometry concepts in the younger grades, especially upper elementary. This is a great age to get kids excited about math. When you do a geometry unit, your kids can explore, build and play with shapes and hands-on activities.

FREE Geometry Resources for Upper Elementary Students

Math doesn’t have to be boring as it gets harder and reaches the upper grades. Upper Elementary aged kids will have a blast with all of these geometry resources. Many of them have a fun STEM like feel to them as well and don’t even feel like math. These would be fun to do as a separate geometry unit, or to supplement what they are learning.


Math Geek Mama is one of our favorite resources for math units. She has some amazing games and hands-on activities that teach Geometry very well. 

Area of a Circle Activity Puzzle Set

Geometry Challenge Geo Board Activity Cards

Hands-On Area and Perimeter Game

Exploring the Surface Area of Perimeters and Cones


3D Shapes and Nets Worksheets

Lego Proof Pythagorean Theorem

Foldable 3D Shapes Printable Pack

Foldable 3D Shapes: Free Printable Set!

Teaching with Jennifer Findley has some great geometry centers and activities:

Lines and Angles Activity with Twizzlers and Skittles

2-D Shape Games with Jenga Blocks Printables

FREE Geometry Math Centers Printables and Activities


More Geometry Resources and Printables:

FREE Geometry Terminology Copywork Notebook – Geometry terms can be confusing and hard to understand. With this copywork notebook, your children will copy 20 geometry terms onto pages that are bordered with fun geometric shapes and designs to color in.

Geometry Terminology Free Vocabulary Copywork Notebook

Hands-On Activities for Classifying QuadrilalteralsTPT

Create a Geometry Star Math Art Project – TPT

Types of Lines Geometry Project – TPT

Polygon Tree Reference Chart – TPT

Printable Posters to Evaluate Geometry and Number Sense Knowledge –  TPT


Step-by-Step Proof Pythagorean Theorem with Legos  – I Game Mom

Geometry Fun with Toothpicks and MarshmallowsTeaching Ideas for Those Who Love Teaching

Geometry Notebooking Printable BundleHomeschool Helper Online

Quadrilaterals Activity PagesThis Reading Mama

Quadrilaterals Activity Pages {free} - This Reading Mama

If you have highschoolers learning geometry this year, you may be interested in these free resources: FREE Geometry Printables and Online Helps for High School

Free Geography Printable and Online Helps for High School

Hands-on geometry learning tools and manipulatives that go great in a geometry unit:


Learning Resources 5-Inch Double-Sided Assorted Geoboard Shapes, Set of 6 Boards, Ages 5+Learning Resources 5-Inch Double-Sided Assorted Geoboard ShapesEAI Education Exploragons Student Set - Set of 80EAI Education Exploragons Student Set – Set of 80Learning Resources Relational Geometric SolidsLearning Resources Relational Geometric SolidsCurious Minds Busy Bags Geometry Snap Together Sticks with Compass and Activity GuidesCurious Minds Busy Bags Geometry Snap Together Sticks with Compass and Activity Guides Learning Resources Geometric Shapes Building SetLearning Resources Geometric Shapes Building Set

FREE Geometry Resources for Upper Elementary

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