FREE Geometry Lapbook for Grades K-9 (Limited Time)

February 10, 2019

Carrie Fernandez


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It’s no secret that many homeschoolers dread teaching their children math; I know I do! I have never really been good a geometry, so the idea of teaching this particular math topic to my daughter makes me shudder. This free math lapbook will help your child (and perhaps yourself) grasp geometry in a fun way using hands-on activities.

We have been using lapbooks in our homeschool since 2009. My children have always enjoyed “crafts” and hands-on learning and since I am a non-crafty mom who steers clear of manipulatives, lapbooks have been a lifesaver! Often only involving cutting, pasting, and coloring (and of course learning!), I trick my kids into thinking I am doing “crafts” with them.

If you are like me and want to weave hands-on learning into your geometry studies without the stress of having to be super creative on your own, then you will want to grab this FREE Geometry Lapbook.

free math lapbook geometry

You will discover several geometry concepts taught in grades K-9: circles, angles, triangles, quadrilaterals, coordinate graphs, polygons, 3-d shapes, and more.

This free geometry printable kit introduces concepts in a visual, concrete way through hands-on activities. Your children will explore and create fundamental mathematical principles. For ideas on how to use this free geometry lapbook alongside a Geoboard, check out this detailed post Geometry Activities: a Geoboard Geometry Lapbook Unit.

Geometry learning activity

Sandra at Real World Learners, the sponsor of this free math lapbook, also tells you a little more about what this free math resource includes and shows you ideas on how to use it in your homeschool geometry studies.

RightStart Mathematics

This FREE Geometry Lapbook covers the following concepts:

  • Hands-on geometry activities using a geobard
  • Angles, lines, and intersections
  • Circles – includes degrees
  • Triangles – sides and angles
  • Quadrilaterals – definitions and diagrams
  • Flowchart diagrams
  • Coordinate geometry
  • Names of polygons (3-10 sides)
  • 0, 1, 2, and 3-d objects, including explanations of each dimension
  • Flashcards and review activities for vocabulary terms

You will appreciate that answer keys are included. You can learn more about this free math resource here. Grab it for your homeschool for FREE at the link below before it ends on 2/15/19. 

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FREE Geometry Resources for Math Lessons:

free math lapbook geometry

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