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May 8, 2019

Stacey Jones

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As you may already know, learning fractions and their various operations can be difficult for many children. This is mostly due to the number of rules that there are. As teaching fractions is an essential part of any math curriculum, kids need to be helped past the obstacles they are having.

There are many ways to help your child understand fractions, with these FREE Fraction printables being a great place to start.

Fraction Worksheets


Hands-on activities and visuals are a wonderful approach to teaching fractions. Using math manipulatives, such as fraction kits, is a great way to help children understand the concepts of fractions.

Instead of having children try and memorize those rules, have them think about:

  • Sharing equally
  • D is for down; therefore the denominator is at the bottom
  • Use food objects eg. pizza and chocolate pieces.
  • Use real life examples when possible
  • Practice and review

A nice and easy way to introduce kids to fractions is with these Fraction Cards that can be used in matching and memory type games. Or, they may prefer these gorgeous Spring Flower Fraction Cards.

This massive pack of Reindeer Fraction Cardscan be used in helping children understand simplifying and equivalent fractions.

For children who are having trouble understanding how fractions and decimals are related, these fraction and decimals cardsare a wonderful visual, hands-on activity. This pack consists of one card for each letter of the alphabet. Each uppercase letter of the alphabet is shaded in on a grid of 100 squares. Children can count the shaded or the unshaded squares and write the fraction out of 100, before turning that fraction into a decimal.

And for a limited time, you can grab these Fun Fraction Worksheets for FREE! There are a variety of activities in this 35+ page printable pack.

Activities include:

  • Fraction Charts
  • Parts of A Fraction
  • Trace the Numerators
  • Trace the Denominators
  • Fractions on a Number Line
  • Writing the Fractions
  • Circling the matching fraction
  • Shading in the correct fractions
  • Working out equivalent fractions
  • Reducing fractions

Pop on over to Simple Living. Creative Learning to grab your FREE copy of these Fun Fraction Worksheets! Available for free until the end of May!

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