Free American Sign Language (ASL) Alphabet Worksheets

September 26, 2019

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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I am Puerto Rican and my husband is Polynesian. My kids not only need to learn both of our languages but I am requiring them to learn another language specifically for their homeschool curriculum. My daughter has chosen to learn American Sign Language (ASL) as part of her curriculum in the second half of our homeschool year. 

We did research on some foreign language at the beginning of the school year and one she was particularly intrigued by was American Sign Language. It was a toss-up between Japanese and ASL. 

Free ASL Alphabet Printable Pack

Learning about American Sign Language (ASL)

We learned so much about American Sign Language that was, quite frankly, pretty awesome. For instance, we discovered that ASL, although called “American” Sign Language, was NOT a derivative of English. Its structure and processes are completely different.

We also thought that ASL was a universal language, meaning that people could travel anywhere in the world and everyone who signed understood each other. That would be awesome! However, that was not the case. ASL is indigenous to the United States and Canada.

Fun Facts about ASL

What else is cool about ASL, you may ask? Here are some fun facts about ASL

American Sign Language is the third most-used language in the United States, most colleges accept ASL as a foreign language credit needed to fulfill graduation requirements, and over 20 million Americans are deaf or have hearing difficulties. 

ASL remains an intriguing language for kids to explore and is a much-needed skill that many do not have.

If you would like to try American Sign Language (ASL) in your homeschool, then start with this Free American Sign Language Alphabet Printable for your homeschoolers today.

Our free ASL Alphabet Printable includes a visual chart of the American Sign Language Alphabet along with a test and answer key that you can print as many times as you need to until your student masters ASL.

Free American Sign Language Apps

If your family is a tech-savvy family, then these Free American Sign Language Apps will work great:

American Sign Language Apps for Apple:

American Sign Language Apps for Google Play:

ASL Alphabet

Learning how to sign the ASL alphabet, also known as the American Manual Alphabet is the first step in learning American Sign Language. 

Oftentimes students who are new to sign language resort to fingerspelling. Although that’s not the best way to spell sign language words, as a last resort, it works! That’s why learning how to sign the ASL alphabet is important. 

After your student becomes fluent in the ASL alphabet, they can move on to learning signs for words. Use our free ASL Alphabet Printable to help your students learn the signs for individual letters. 

sign language

Free ASL Alphabet Printable

If you’re interested in teaching your children ASL, this Free American Sign Language Alphabet Printable is an awesome resource. Learning the ASL alphabet is the first place to start when learning sign language. 

Free ASL Alphabet Printable Pack

ASL Alphabet PDF Printable

The ASL resource contains a printable page for each letter of the alphabet and includes formatted flash cards. Consider using a laminator to keep them kid-friendly, and reusable! 

How to Download American Sign Language Alphabet Pack

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Sign Language Alphabets in Other Languages

If you are looking for a different style of Sign Language Alphabet Worksheets, check out this free American Sign Language Alphabet Printable Pack.

boy and girl using ASL with text overlay

In Conclusion

American Sign Language is one of the easier foreign languages students can learn. You can start when they are babies, teaching signs to your kids before they can even speak. Kids learn ASL so easily, and starting with the alphabet in ASL is the best way to begin. 

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