FREE Archaeology Printables and Unit Studies (Instant Download – Archaeology Observations Journal Page)

June 4, 2018

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Archaeology is a great way to incorporate Science and History together at the same time. There are so many types of historical artifacts you can learn about that can tie into your history studies. You can learn about archaeologists as scientists and historians, or you can do a unit study on archaeology digs. I love the freedom that homeschooing gives us that we can learn about any subject that interests our children!

Archaeology is the scientific study of material remains such as pottery, tools, ruins, of past human life and cultures. It is also the study of the remains of a culture, people or animals. It is so fascinating to learn about.

If you would like to learn more about archaeology and archaeologists with your children check out all these awesome free printables and unit studies:

National Park Service has an Archaelogy for Kids page with printable record sheets for your own archaeological dig.

The USDA Forest Service has a FREE Kids Guide to Archaeology Coloring Book you can print out.

School Express has an entire page of Archaeology worksheets. There are color pages, word searches, crossword puzzles, cryptograms and more!

Little Homeschool on the Prairie has free What is an Archaeologist? lapbook printable pages to create your own lapbooks.

Practical Pages has put together a 5 page Archaeology Lapbook printable pack with mini books and hands on activities.

Archaeology/Anthropology Notebooking Doodle Printables from Living Loving Learning As We Go

Pack of 10 Ready to Use Archaeology Facts and Worksheets from Kids Konnect

Fossil Worksheet for Kids: Dig It from

FREE Master Archaeology Bible Study Map  – you can view this map for free online. This would be great with a Bible/archaeology study.

Oklahoma Homeschool  has a free Archaeology and the Bible Unit Study perfect for Bible History.

FREE Boxes & Borders Notebooking Pages

Access 30 FREE notebooking templates with boxes and borders to jazz up your notebook pages.

Free Download Boxes & Borders Notebooking Pages

FREE Online Resources:

Mr. has tons of Archaeology Resources:

The Archeaology for Kids  page has lots of information on archaeology, famous archaeologists, tools used, how to dig, and interactive games and activities!
Archeaology Lesson Plans is a page full of teacher lesson plans, free video clips, how to create your own dig for your students and much more!

Young Archaeologists Club has a Fun and Games page that is full of Archaeology themed games, quizzes, and more!

Wessex Archaeology has a great feature where you can explore online by time, place, theme, marine projects, view reports and more! 

Instant Download – Archaeology Observations Journal Page


When studying Archaeology (especially when you learn about fossils and dinosaurs) I have found a lot of conflicting information on the age of the Earth and many tie ins to evolution. If you teach from a Creationist, young Earth viewpoint make sure you will want to be cautious of where you are getting your resources. You will want check out all the resources at Answers in Genesis! They have many resources on Archaeology right HERE that are from a Creationist, young earth perspective. There are challenging and interesting blog posts, magazine articles, research papers and much more.

Archaeology Clues of the Past is an archaeological website from The Museum of Natural History. There are videos, printables and fun games for kids.

Here are some great Biblical archaeology books:


The Archaeology Book (Wonders of Creation)The Archaeology Book (Wonders of Creation)Intro to Archaeology & Geology PackageIntro to Archaeology & Geology PackageUnwrapping the Pharaohs: How Egyptian Archaeology Confirms the Biblical TimelineUnwrapping the Pharaohs: How Egyptian Archaeology Confirms the Biblical TimelineEvidence for the BibleEvidence for the Bible


Here are some good books to accompany any archaeology unit study:

Archaeology for Kids: Uncovering the Mysteries of Our Past, 25 Activities (For Kids series)Archaeology for Kids: Uncovering the Mysteries of Our Past, 25 Activities (For Kids series)Archaeologists Dig for Clues (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science 2)Archaeologists Dig for Clues (Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out Science 2)Skeletons in the Closet - Kid's Book on Archaeology: Tools You Use! - Children's Archaeology BooksSkeletons in the Closet – Kid’s Book on Archaeology: Tools You Use! – Children’s Archaeology BooksPaleontologist to Archaeologist - What do they do? Archaeology for Kids - Children's Biological Science of Fossils BooksPaleontologist to Archaeologist – What do they do? Archaeology for Kids – Children’s Biological Science of Fossils BooksNo Bones about It - Archaeology for Kids! : Science for Children Edition - Children's Archaeology BooksNo Bones about It – Archaeology for Kids! : Science for Children Edition – Children’s Archaeology BooksHands-On Archaeology: Real-Life Activities for KidsHands-On Archaeology: Real-Life Activities for KidsDigging Up Bones! Famous Archaeology Discoveries - Archaeology for kids - Children's Archaeology BooksDigging Up Bones! Famous Archaeology Discoveries – Archaeology for kids – Children’s Archaeology Books


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