FREE Addition Practice with Superheroes

March 16, 2021

Bonnie Rose Hudson

Bonnie Rose Hudson

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Help your kids grow their superpowers and sharpen their math skills with this fun FREE Addition Practice with Superheroes unit. Kids have a chance to practice addition tables 1-12, solve word problems, and more, and it’s all based around superheroes. 

Free Superhero Math Practice text with image background of a kid dressed up like a super hero


Help kids have fun sharpening their math skills with these fun FREE Addition Practice with Superheroes worksheets. These 29 worksheets include speed drills, addition practice, word problems, and more. Each step of the way, your kids will find superheroes cheering them on and reminding them that superheroes have to learn new things and keep practicing to get strong–just like they do while they are learning math! 

It’s a fun way to work in some math practice without using a textbook. An answer key is also included. 

Scroll down to get your FREE instant download! 

Don’t miss these other fun FREE ways superheroes can make math fun: 

Here are some more FREE Superhero Themed Printables!

Need some more addition help? Check out these free printables: 

Multiplication Practice text with illustrated background of underwater life
Would you like to go deeper with helping your children master multiplication? Check out the Multiplication Practice Workshop. It takes kids step by step through learning or practicing multiplication tables. It includes written problems, manipulatives, flash cards, word problems, and speed drills. There are 16 speed drills, 160 worksheets, 36 pages of printable manipulatives, and 156 flash cards. As a Homeschool Giveaways & Freebies reader, you can save 20% on this ocean-themed unit with coupon code HSGMULTIPLY. Check it out today!

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Instant Download: FREE Addition Practice with Superheroes

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