Enjoy Free Video Lessons for All Ages with Quarto Classroom

September 9, 2020

Carrie Fernandez


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With so much uncertainty in the air as we move into the new school year, children’s book publisher Quarto Kids is proud to announce that you can Enjoy Free Video Lessons for All Ages with Quarto Classroom, a free YouTube video library of lesson plans led by expert creators.

Authors like Kitchen Pantry Scientist Liz Lee Heinecke, award-winning poet Joseph Coelho, and BBC personality Cerrie Burnell have created video discussions and projects for homeschoolers, teachers, and parents to use as supplemental materials to their own curricula, with opportunities for students of all ages to engage in each subject.

Additionally, many lessons are also accompanied by printable materials so students can engage with the lessons in ways that help them absorb the information they learn no matter the subject or setting.

Enjoy Free Video Lessons for All Ages with Quarto Classroom

Parents: Please use caution when visiting Quarto Classroom with your students. The videos offered present a wide variety of topics and worldviews, not all of which are compatible with a Christian worldview. Please choose your lessons carefully. 

With new videos posted every few weeks, Quarto Classroom currently has the following video lessons available as of September 1:

Art & Crafts Time

  • Author Karen Madigan uses her book Nature Play Workshop for Families to showcase natural projects families can explore together.

Drawing Lessons

  • Ginnie Hsu, illustrator of Corazon Aquin in the Little People, BIG DREAMS series, draws and explains the importance of color in illustration and history.
  • Spencer Brinkerhoff III, creator of You Can Draw Comic Book Characters, walks young learners through the basics of creating a unique comic book character.
  • Olivia Holden, illustrator of Ernest Shackleton in the Little People, BIG DREAMS series, teaches readers about Ernest’s historical journey and guides viewers in making their own islands.


  • Brett Schilke, creator of Adventures in Engineering for Kids, takes readers on a journey to City X where they can independently explore the future through problem solving, design thinking, and engineering.


  • Ben Handicott, author of 50 Maps of the World, takes readers around the world to explore different cultures and the importance of learning about them.
  • Kate Siber, author of 50 Adventures in the 50 States and National Parks of the USA, provides insight into varied cultures around the United States.


  • Karyn Tripp, author of Math Art and Drawing Games for Kids, takes a hands-on approach to teaching children about rotational symmetry.

Reading & Literacy

  • Award-winning poet Joseph Coelho reads from Poems Aloud and discusses different forms of poetry from around the world.
  • The Dictionary of Difficult Words author Jane Solomon helps children master tough words with simple, easy-to-understand definitions and pronunciations.


  • Nancy Castaldo, author of The Farm That Feeds Us, describes a year in the life of a farm and discusses the importance of eating sustainably and naturally.
  • Author and Kitchen Pantry Scientist Liz Lee Heinecke walks young learners through a surface tension experiment from Chemistry for Kids.Enjoy Free, Ready-Made Video Lessons From Our Expert Authors Quarto Classroom

Social Emotional Learning

  • Author Clare Helen Welsh reads aloud from How Rude! and guides readers through making duck puppets.
  • Tracy Packiam Alloway, author of the SEN Superpowers series, helps young children improve their memory skills.

Social Sciences

  • Cerrie Burnell, author of I am Not a Label, reads from her debut picture book and challenges preconceptions of disability and mental health.

We hope you’ll join us in the Quarto Classroom this fall! Come check us out and take a look at the updated list of videos available. 

Enjoy Free Video Lessons for All Ages with Quarto Classroom!

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