23 Easy Memorial Day Crafts for Toddlers and Kids

May 24, 2021

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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We have always enjoyed hands-on activities and crafts, especially when it is related to holidays. I love teaching my children about Memorial Day while decorating our home with patriotic themed crafts. If you are looking to do the same, you are going to love these easy Memorial Day crafts.

blue, white, and red colored crayons coloring an American flag kid\'s craft for Memorial Day

What is Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is a special day where we can teach our children to remember the men and women that have died while serving our country. This national holiday is celebrated on the last Monday of May. Many families and friends celebrate by having cook-outs, pool parties and fun gatherings.

My husband was in the military, and we have friends that have served and lost their lives. We gather together with friends to celebrate Memorial Day, and we always discuss the reason behind this day.

It is important to to teach our children about the sacrifices that others have made. You may also have a family member that lost their life or has served. This is a perfect way to talk about their service.

Remembering Through Crafts

One thing that we enjoy doing with every holiday are crafts. Making crafts together is a wonderful way to discuss the importance of the holiday. Young children may have a difficult time when speaking about death, so crafts really help to lighten the mood.

While you are crafting, this is a great time to talk about honoring those lives that were lost and remembering what they did for our country. This can be a very patriotic holiday and we enjoy decorating our home with patriotic craft projects as a memorial and honor.

Easy Kids Crafts for Memorial Day

These crafts are simple and easy to do. They don’t require trips to the craft store for extra supplies you may not already have at your house. I have even included some hands-on and sensory activities and great ideas for kids that enjoy those types of activities as well.

Printable Memorial Day Crafts

1. Printable crafts are great because there are not a lot of supplies needed other than your printer and some school supplies found around the house.

2. Patriotic Star Craft Download – This is a fun craft that your children can decorate and customize. All you need to do is print it and cut it out. Your kids can paint it or color it and use stickers to complete the patriotic stars.

3. Red White and Blue Party Printables – These party printables are perfect to decorate your house and for having guests over. Kids can color the bunting, and party circles for cupcake and food decor.

4. Patriotic Chalk Art Craft – These printables will have your children making adorable chalk art stars and fireworks with the easy template. They will look adorable hung up around the house.

5.Stars and Stripes Banner – This is a quick and simple craft that you can set up for a patriotic decoration for your home.

6. Memorial Day Fun Pack – These free printables come with word searches, coloring pages and more to teach your kids about Memorial Day.

Easy Hands-On Crafts and Activities

These crafts are a little more hands-on than just using pages that you can print, but they are still fairly easy and a lot of fun. Many of these will make for some great inexpensive holiday decor.

Flag Crafts

Flags are so patriotic, and these flag crafts will be perfect for any patriotic holiday.

7. American Flag Craft – Kids will use white paper and white crayon to draw the stars and stripes. These will will later show up when you paint over them with a paint brush and red and blue paint.

8. Magazine Mosaic Flag Craft – This easy project is made from finding colored pieces out of magazines. It is a cute and creative collage idea.

9. Simple Flag Craft – Create a cute American flag with decorative paper straws.

10. Easy Paper Plate American Flag Craft – Everyone has paper plates around the house during holidays. This is an easy craft that only uses paper plates and some paint. You can use markers too if you don’t want the mess.

11. Heart American Flag Craft – This is such a sweet craft using construction paper and glue.

12. Popsicle Stick Flags – Create an American Flag with this adorable popsicle stick craft that is perfect for little hands.

Wreath Crafts

Wreaths make for lovely decorations to hang around the house or on the front door.

13. DIY Patriotic Rag Wreath – I love rag wreaths and made them often with my mother when I was a child. They are cute and festive and easy for young kids to tear and tie.

14. Egg Carton Memorial Day Poppy Wreath – This is such a wonderful craft making memorial poppies from pieces of egg cartons.

15. Easy Paper Plate Patriotic Wreath – Use paper plates tissue paper to create a flag wreath with all the colors of the American flag.

Outdoor Crafts

16. Memorial Day Wind Socks – All you need is a ring or hoop and some dollar store plastic tablecloths. This will make for a pretty outdoor decoration.

17. Patriotic Sun Catcher – What a fun craft idea that you can hang in your window. It will glow like real fireworks when the sun shines through.

18. Patriotic Pinwheels – Pinwheels are so much fun. These will look so cute in the front yard. All you need is the printable template and some cardstock.

Memorial Day Sensory Ideas

My kids of all ages have always enjoyed sensory bins and sensory activities. These patriotic themed bins and activities are perfect to set out for children to play with on Memorial Day. They look festive and cute too.

19. American Flag Playdough Mat – Before there were sensory bins, there was playdough. Kids love playdough and they will enjoy creating an American Flag out of it on this playdough mat.

20. Patriotic SlimeSlime is the ultimate sensory activity. This red, white and blue slime gets a patriotic twist with confetti stars.

21. Stars and Stripes Sensory Bin – This bin is easy to set up and uses food coloring, white sand, glow in the dark stars and popcorn kernels.

22. Montessori Insprired Memorial Day Activities – We love these patriotic hands-on ideas and they are a fun way to keep your kids entertained on a holiday weekend.

23. Red White and Blue Army Sensory Play Bin – This bin uses cute plastic army men and colored salt to play with. There are also detailed instructions on how to make the colored sensory salts.

In Conclusion

We hope you have enjoyed these Memorial Day craft ideas for your next get together or for patriotic decorations. Enjoy your family and be sure to take some time to share with your children about this important holiday and remembering the lives that were lost.

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