The Ultimate Christmas Planner Printable (Free Download)

December 2, 2021

Sara Dennis

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A Christmas planner is a lifesaver when it comes to planning for the Christmas season. It will help you plan for a festive Christmas season. This allows you to enjoy a stress-free holiday season while giving your family the gift of the perfect Christmas.

Christmas Planner

Christmas Planner

This free printable Christmas planner is a great way to stay on top of everything you need to do throughout the holiday season. It gives you a central spot for all of your Christmas planning instead of using scraps of paper scattered throughout the house.

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If you want to keep your shopping lists organized too, be sure to download some free Christmas list templates.

And once you’ve used the ultimate Christmas planner, you’ll wonder how you survived the busy month of December without it!

What is Included in the Printable Christmas Planner?

The printable Christmas planner includes various Christmas lists for this time of year. You’ll find gift lists and shopping lists. Plus, there’s also a grocery list, a budget tracker, a Christmas card list, and more included in the Christmas planner notebook as well.

Not only is the holiday planner the best way to stay on top of your December to-do list, but it is also the perfect download for the list lover in your life!

You can also print a free printable Christmas countdown calendar to help build excitement and some Christmas card coloring pages for easy and frugal Christmas cards.

Gift Budget Tracker

If you struggle trying to maintain your gift budgets each year, you’ll be delighted to learn there’s a gift budget tracker included in the Christmas planner. It’s a great way to ensure you keep within your Christmas budget and don’t go wild buying Christmas gifts for everyone in your extended family.

gift budget tracker
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Holiday Shopping List

Another way to save much money and a lot of work is to keep a holiday shopping list. Not only does it prevent last-minute Christmas shopping, but it also helps you stay on top of all the important things you need to pick up at the last minute to ensure everyone has a Merry Christmas this year.

You won’t forget to purchase cookies, gift tags, or Christmas ornaments because they’ll be written down on your holiday shopping list.

holiday shopping list
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Stocking Stuffers

Did you lose track of the stocking stuffers last year? That won’t happen this year if you use the stocking stuffers list. You’ll know exactly what you have, what you need, and what they cost! This ensures you have all the toys of your child’s wish list on Christmas eve.

stocking stuffers list
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Online Order Tracker

Nothing is worse than losing track of an online order. So an online shopping tracker is included in the Christmas Day planner. You’ll be able to see what you ordered, when, the cost, and if you’ve received it. It’s a great way to stay on top of your gift purchases so you don’t accidentally purchase a gift twice!

online order tracker template
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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Shopping Lists

If you’re wanting to take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping to save some money, then you’ll love these lists. You’ll have room for different categories, such as who you’re shopping for, the item, the place to buy the gift, and the price.

There’s even a check box to note if you’ve wrapped the gift or not. Use the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping lists once, and you’ll never want to go shopping without them again.

Black Friday shopping list
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Menu Planner & Grocery Shopping List

Do you need a menu planner for the big day? Then take a look at this meal planning page for Christmas Day. There’s also a page for Christmas Even meals as well! In addition, there’s a meal planning sheet you can use for each week in December.

Christmas menu planner
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You’ll also find a beautiful grocery shopping list to download and print. It includes everything you need to ensure you have all the supplies you need to create the perfect Christmas for your family and friends.

grocery shopping list
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Recipe Sheets & Recipe Cards

You will find beautiful recipe cards and recipe sheets to write down your favorite dishes for Christmas dinner. The printable pages are beautiful and sheets you’ll adore using each year. Plus, your family will be able to walk into the kitchen and help you cook Christmas dinner.

recipe cards for Christmas dinner
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Holiday Cards Address Tracker

To make sure that you have a stress-free holiday season, a Christmas cards tracker has been included in the printable planner pages.

The great thing is that it includes the names and addresses along with checkboxes to note if the holiday letters have been written and sent. If your kids are learning to write letters, you can use a letter template for kids if you want to get them involved.

Christmas Cards Tracker
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Christmas Gift Planner

A Christmas gift planner sheet gives you a place to write down all your gift ideas for the special occasion. This helps you stay organized and prepared to ensure your family has a festive holiday this year. You won’t forget any toys on your children’s wish list again.

Advent Tracker

Do your children enjoy having Advent trackers to keep track of the days until Christmas? Then you’ll love the good news that included in this Christmas planner book is an Advent tracker you can download and print.

If you want, you can hand each child their own tracker to prevent any arguments. You can also download free Advent printables if you want something more.

Advent tracker
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Christmas Party Planner

This Christmas season, make sure that you have a Christmas party planner to help you plan the ultimate party. The sections include everything you need for an organized Christmas party, including the menu, decorations, guest list, entertainment, and a to-do list. You’ll be able to organize the party effortlessly!

Christmas Party Planner
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Christmas Crafts and Projects to Make

Christmas lists should also include all the Christmas crafts and projects you’d like to complete with your children during this festive season. You’ll be able to plan what supplies you need, what you have, and all the steps required to make new Christmas decorations for your home.

Christmas crafts planner
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Free Christmas Crafts Printables:

Blank December Calendar

You’ll also find an un-dated December calendar for you to use each year. The best part is that it’s not dated so you don’t need to worry about it being a calendar from last year when you reuse this Christmas planner next year.

December Calendar
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Family Traditions Organizer

The free Christmas planner printables includes a family traditions organizer so you can make sure your family has the best Christmas ever. You’ll be able to write down the tradition, when and where it takes place, and why it’s important.

Family Traditions Planner
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Daily/Weekly To Do List

You’ll also find the Christmas planner notebook includes pages to help you stay on top of your daily and weekly to-do list. This allows you to write down your daily schedule and menu as well as your to-do list. You’ll love the daily and weekly planner!

weekly holiday planner
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Christmas Notes

You’ll find two beautiful Christmas notes pages that you can use for Christmas lists among the free printables. These notes pages are useful for many things, including taking notes on what you can do next year to make the holiday season even better for your family.

Christmas notes
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Christmas Movies to Watch

Does your family have a tradition of watching Christmas movies during the month of December? Then you’ll adore this list that includes some popular

Make a list of the Christmas movies for your family to watch as well as plenty of room for you to add your own family’s favorite movies. You can use the blank lines to write down your own family movie night ideas.

Christmas Movies List
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Christmas Decorations Checklist

The Christmas decorations checklist includes both indoor and outdoor decorations so you don’t find yourself unprepared when it comes time to put up the Christmas tree or decorate the yard. You can also write down if you need to purchase new ornaments or repair old ones.

Christmas decorations checklist planner page
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How to Use the Printable Planner

You’ll want to pick up a 3-ring binder, divider tabs for the different sections, and possibly even printable planner stickers. Then download and print the various pages and 3-hole punch them.

Insert the pages into each category to help you stay organized. This will help you to keep track of all the traditional and new things that you’d like to include to make sure your family enjoys a truly festive Christmas season this year.

Make sure that you have a section to write down notes for next year. You can note if you run out of a favorite ingredient, if a new ornament needs to be repaired, or if you’d like to make sure that you send out holiday cards early.

Christmas Planner PDF (Free Printable Planner)

If you’re looking for the ultimate Christmas checklist, then you need your own Christmas planner. This Christmas Day planner is like an early Christmas present that will give you a stress-free holiday season.

Click the instant download under the image to download the files to your computer!

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