24 Back to School FREEBIES – $400 Value (Limited Time Only!)

July 22, 2018

Carrie Fernandez


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It is that wonderful time of the year again when we offer a huge bundle of FREE homeschooling curriculum and resources! Our annual Back to School Freebies are always the biggest event we have every year!

We have 24 FREE homeschool curriculum products & resources for you this year totalling over $400!

This year when you sign up for our Back to School FREEBIES, we will NOT share your email with the sponsors as we have in the past. You will have an opportunity to only download the products that you want after you claim this offer. Offer expires on 7/27/18.


This year we have something for EVERYONE! *Indicates FULL curriculum

Fine Art Pages Collection 1 – $14.95 value (all ages)
Ancient Times Notebooking Pages – $19.95 value (all ages)

*Mathematical Reasoning Level A – Critical Thinking Co. – $39.99 value (Full Curriculum – Grade K)
Dinosaur & Space Preschool Unit Studies – $20.00 value (early learning)
Letter of the Week – $20.00 value (early learning)

Learn My Addition Facts – $15.99 value (elementary)
*Sheldon’s New Primary Language Lessons – $14.95 value (elementary)
Growing in Wisdom Bible Study – $15 value (grades 3-6)
Story Starters: Writing Made Fun Vol 1 – $15.00 value (grades 1-7)
*50 States and Where to Find Them Set – $30.00 value (grades 3-6)
You Can Do It! You Can Teach Your Primary Student Language Arts – $14.97 value (elementary)
Handsome Horses – $10.95 value (grades K-4)

Math Card Games for Kids – $14.00 value (grades 3-9)
Ancient Egypt Online Unit Study – $35 value (grades 3-8)
Writing Prompts From History – $15.92 value (upper elementary & middle school) 
Heroes of Invention – $12.95 value (grades 5-9)

Take a Stand! Medieval Civilizations  – $18.95 value (a Cathy Duffy Top 102 Pick!) (middle & high school)
How to Survive Homeschooling through High School – $14.99 value (high school)
Creative Freewriting Adventure – $18.95 value (middle school & high school)

Homeschool Mom Life Binder – $19.99 value (Mom)
Stress Free Homeschooling – $4.99 value (Mom)
Biblical Took Kit For Angry Mom – $9.99 value (Mom)
Family Scripture Printable Pack – Proverbs – $14.95 value (family study)
Write, Color, and Memorize: Love Others – $18.00 value (family study)


Take a look at everything included in this FREE offer:

Mathematical Reasoning Level A
 – Critical Thinking Co. (Full Curriculum – Grade K) – $39.99 value *full curriculum*

Forget boring math lessons and dreaded drill sheets. Mathematical Reasoning Level A is a  fun, colorful 256-page book uses engaging lessons with easy-to-follow explanations, examples, and charts to make kindergarten mathematical concepts easy to understand. It can be used as a textbook or a comprehensive workbook with your textbook to teach the math skills and concepts that students are expected to know in kindergarten—and several concepts normally taught in first grade. This book emphasizes problem-solving and computation to build for success in higher-level math and math assessments.

Every lesson is followed with a variety of fun, colorful activities to ensure concept mastery. The lessons and activities spiral slowly, allowing students to become comfortable with concepts, but also challenging them to continue building their problem-solving skills. This book teaches more than mathematical concepts; it teaches mathematical reasoning, so students learn to devise different strategies to solve a wide variety of math problems. 

Click here to learn more about this product.

50 States and Where to Find Them Set (includes workbook!) – $30.00 value (grades 3-6) *full curriculum*

50 States and Where to Find Them teaches children the states and capitals region by region through mapping exercises and quality literature. The Student Workbook (included) is a necessary component of this program. Children fill out a map of the region as they learn about each state. State lessons include historical information about the state and coloring pages of the state flower, state bird, and state flag. Each region wraps up with a crossword puzzle, a word search, and a bonus lesson pertaining to the region. Bonus lessons include topics such as heraldry, the Erie Canal, and the Underground Railroad.

Click here to learn more about this product. 


Ancient Egypt Online Unit Study
– $35 value (grades 3-8)

Learn about life in Ancient Egypt with nine engaging, web-based lessons. 

Ancient Egypt Online Unit Study Contents:

  • Egyptian Civilization
  • Hieroglyphics
  • Rosetta Stone
  • Egyptian Daily Life
  • Inventions and Technology of Ancient Egypt
  • Ancient Egyptian Clothing
  • Famous Egyptians
  • Pyramids
  • Mummies

Along with fun hands-on projects, students will learn to create a digital presentation using a graphic design app. 

Click here to learn more about this product. 

Growing in Wisdom Bible Study
– $15 value (grades 3-6)

This is my favorite character building series! My oldest loves this book best. We are using Proverbs People #1 this year with our youngest, which is level 4. Growing in Wisdom Bible Study (level 5) is appropriate for approximate ages 8-13. 

 Your child will learn 32 types of negative behavior and their Biblical consequences. Through insights learned from God’s Word, your child will be guided in making an intentional decision to choose positive, godly character in their day to day life. God has the answer for turning our negative natural tendencies into choices which  reflect the character of Jesus Christ. 

Click here to learn more about this product. 

Ancient Times Notebooking Pages
– $19.95 value (all ages)

This is the entire e-collection of Ancient Times Notebooking Pages. Click here to view EVERYTHING that is included in this giant package!

This COMPLETE package contains:

  • Ancient Africa & Egypt Notebooking Pages
  • Ancient Americas Notebooking Pages
  • Ancient China, Japan, & India Notebooking Pages
  • Ancient Greeks, Minoans, & Mycenaeans Notebooking Pages
  • Ancient Mesopotamia Notebooking Pages
  • Ancient Romans, the Early Christian Church, & Other European Cultures Notebooking Pages

Click here to learn more about this product. 

Learn My Addition Facts
– $15.99 value (elementary)

The Learn My Facts series is a consistent, systematic, multi-sensory approach to fact memorization. It uses an input information method that encourages proper memory recall.

The system employs the use of

  • a progressive flashcard memory game
  • copywork
  • hands-on math manipulatives
  • games
  • worksheets

 In just 15 minutes a day in as little as 9 weeks, your child CAN memorize math facts.

Influenced by the Orton-Gillingham method, Learn My Facts, is an effective way to build math fact fluency and student confidence. 

Click here to learn more about this product. 

Sheldon’s New Primary Language Lessons
$14.95 value (elementary) *full curriculum*

A gentle introduction to grammar and composition for students in the elementary grades, teaching the eight parts of speech, punctuation, and sentence and paragraph writing. Writing exercises are in cursive and print. An answer key is in the text.

Click here to learn more about this product. 

Handsome Horses
$10.95 value (grades K-4)

No matter the season or the weather, it is ALWAYS a great time to learn about horses!

Topics include:

  • What Is a Horse?
  • Getting to Know Horses
  • Where Are the Horses?
  • The Science of Horses
  • Cool Things About Horses

Since the beginning of time, horses have played a role in cultures around the world. History is filled with adventurous stories of horses: Egyptian pharaohs, wars, cowboys, Native Americans—the horse has been an integral part of each moment in history.

There’s so much to learn about the horse—anatomy, types and breeds, and horse occupations, as well as the care and keeping of horses. There are art lessons, amazing videos, and fun facts to see and learn along the way.

Click here to learn more about this product. 


Homeschool Mom Life Binder – $19.99 value (Mom)

One amazing binder to organize your homeschool AND life! This downloadable product contains over 100 printable pages to help you take control of all areas of your life.

Includes dozens of printables for:

  • Monthly Planning
  • Weekly Planning
  • Household Planning
  • Financial Management
  • Homeschool Planning
  • Personal Planning

Click here to learn more about this product. 

Take a Stand! Medieval Civilizations Student Book
$18.95 value (a Cathy Duffy Top 102 Pick!) (middle & high school)

The Take a Stand! series teaches students how to be historians. They learn not what to think or memorize, but how to analyze the events of the past. This unique approach makes the student an active participation in the analysis of the past. This is the best of critical thinking, Socratic discussion, and analytical writing in history.

The Take a Stand! series is not a set of textbooks, but rather thinking, reading, speaking, and writing guides. Take a Stand! shows the student how to be a historian.

Click here to learn more about this product. 

Family Scripture Printable Pack – Proverbs
$14.95 value (family study)

Are you ready to focus on learning scripture Truth with your family? Introducing the brand new, gorgeous Family Scripture Printables Pack – Proverbs!

Work as a family to memorize and apply 12 passages from Proverbs, learning about wisdom, trust, and listening to God. Each of the 12 scriptures you’ll work on has the following printables:

  • Wall Decor (beautiful enough to frame!!)
  • Copywork
  • Handwriting Practice Pages (both print and cursive)
  • Doodling Page
  • Fill in the Blank Activity Page (to work on memorization)
  • Journaling Page

This printable packet is FUN, practical, beautiful, and most of all, beneficial for the Christian walk of your family. 78 pages in all, this packet is perfect for families of all sizes and ages.

Click here to learn more about this product.

Math Card Games for Kids
$14.00 value (grades 3-9)

Want a new, fun way to practice math facts and skills? Or maybe you’re looking for some challenging puzzles and brain teasers? This collection of games and puzzles using a simple deck of playing cards is perfect! With so many options included, you’re bound to find something that everyone enjoys. And with all the variations, you can even play math together as a family!

Although the majority of games in this book are geared toward grades 3-9, there are several that even kids in grades 1-2 can play. This book includes 40 math card games, covering a wide range of math skills. Plus, with all the variations included for each game, there are even more possibilities to play!

Topics Covered in this set of Games: 

  • Whole number operations
  • Fractions, decimals and percents
  • Integers
  • Number theory
  • Place value
  • Mental math

Plus, there are challenging puzzles and investigations to encourage critical thinking, problem solving and logic.

Click here to learn more about this product. 

Stress Free Homeschooling
$4.99 value (Mom)

Do you get overwhelmed just thinking about planning for a school year? Is it stressful for you to try to figure out who is going to do what when, and how to keep track of what all the kids are doing?

Organizing your homeschool and making a workable schedule or routine can be very intimidating. However, these charts and the simple explanations that come with them will take away that stress and make organization easy for you.

There are multiple reproducible charts to help you get started, as well as step by step directions of how to use them. These charts will enable you to quickly and easily get organized, keep good records, and stay focused on your priorities and goals.

Click here to learn more about this product. 

Biblical Took Kit For Angry Mom
$9.99 value (Mom)

The tools in this 20 page  printable set are designed  to help you become more aware of your anger, while recognizing what triggers it. You will learn how to calm yourself, speak God’s truth to yourself,  and control your responses in a better way. With these tools, you will find yourself gaining strength from God’s Word to help you on your journey to overcoming anger Biblically.

Click here to learn more about this product. 

Heroes of Invention
$12.95 value (grades 5-9)

Using fascinating stories of early inventors, Amanda has assembled 18 historical stories of various inventors from centuries past. Using stories of these inventors (written in the 1800s), she has developed a wonderful collection that teach not only about the inventors and their inventions, but also about the history of the time, the trials they endured and how they stayed committed to their ideas.

Your student will become familiar with the ideas that were involved in those early days of the Industrial Revolution, enjoying the stories of these men’s lives from boyhood through their adult lives. With many illustrations, from European history to American history, from the scientific basics of flight by balloon to the principles of steam, these stories hold the student’s interest in a way that textbooks cannot approach. Recommended for 5th – 9th grades.

Click here to learn more about this product. 

Dinosaur & Space Preschool Unit Studies
– $20.00 value (early learning)

The Dinosaur & Space Preschool Unit Studies have everything you need for packed full fun and learning about dinosaurs and space.

These Montessori-inspired, project-based preschool unit studies are designed to encourage and motivate your 3-5 year old to learn about their interests while exploring and playing. There is a focus on learning about the topic while gently integrating math and literacy skills. Preschoolers are motivated to learn academic skills best when they are integrated with the things they are interested in while keeping the days light, fun, and peaceful.

You can pick and choose from over 30 child-led invitations and activities, so you are constantly meeting your unique child’s needs while helping them build a strong love of learning.

The unit studies are designed to last as long as you need. There are enough activities to last a month or more, but flexible enough for a child who only has an interest for a week. Many activities can be set up at the beginning of the week and left out over the course of the unit to deepen the learning with multiple exposures. It allows you to completely follow your child’s lead while playing, exploring, and learning.

All activities are simple to prep with minimal materials. Get planned, prepped, and set up for the whole week in less than an hour.

Click here to learn more about this product. 

Letter of the Week
– $20.00 value (full color version) (early learning)

The Letter of the Week printable packs contains 125 pages of fun and learning for young children. Aimed for children aged 3 – 9 and contains a variety of activities including handwriting practice, simple math concepts and hands-on activities. 

This pack includes:

Click here to learn more about this product.

Fine Art Pages Collection 1
– $14.95 value (all ages)

You want to introduce your children to fine art, but lack the time and method for follow-through, right? Fine Art Pages are the answer! These downloadable, printable collections feature one piece of art per page, plus *just enough* information about the piece and the artist. The method is organic: print ’em out, put ’em up. Let your family observe, absorb, and enjoy! It works. And best of all: it doesn’t run on Mom Power!

This collection includes 21 printable works of art to help you easily introduce a variety of fine art to your family :

  • Mona Lisa (da Vinci)
  • Starry Night (van Gogh)
  • A Sunday on La Grande Jatte (Seurat)
  • The Scream (Munch)
  • Supper at Emmaus (Caravaggio)
  • Apple and Oranges (Cezanne)
  • The Great Wave (Hokusai)
  • Surprised! (Rousseau)
  • The Maids of Honor (Velazquez)
  • Girl with a Pearl Earring (Vermeer)
  • The Kiss (Klimt)
  • Hunter in the Snow (Brueghel)
  • The Fighting Temeraire (Turner)
  • Dance at the Moulin de la Galette (Renoir)
  • The Water Lily Pond (Monet)
  • Self Portrait (Rembrandt)
  • The Arnolfini Portrait (Van Eyck)
  • A Bar at the Floies-Bergere (Manet)
  • Dancers in Blue (Degas)
  • Nafea Faaipoipo (Gauguin)
  • Ophelia (Millais)

Click here to learn more about this product. 

Creative Freewriting Adventure
– $18.95 value (middle school & high school)

Invite your students to step into adventure with these simple yet significant writing exercises.

Even reluctant writers will enjoy:

  • Riding a winged pony
  • Stepping into another dimension
  • Overhearing a dispute between a horse, a pig, and a cow

Writing can be hard work. Good writing most often results from much rewriting, and much rewriting can make a writer weary.

Use Creative Freewriting Adventure as a stand-alone resource or to complement Philosophy Adventure. No prep required. Just grab a pen and paper, set a timer, and have fun!

Click here to learn more about this product. 

Writing Prompts From History
collection (8 titles) – $15.92 value (upper elementary & middle school)

This bundle of writing prompts includes 80 prompts from American and ancient history to engage your 10-14-year-olds in both writing and history. Grab all 8 sets of Writing Prompts from History FREE only during this Back to School special!

Here are the history prompts included:

  • Abraham Lincoln (Ages 10-14)
  • American Revolution (Ages 10-14)
  • Aboard the Mayflower & At Home in Plymouth (Ages 10-14)
  • World War II American Home Front (Ages 10-14)
  • Ancient China (Ages 10-14)
  • Ancient Egypt (Ages 10-14)
  • Ancient Greece (Ages 10-14)
  • Ancient Rome (Ages 10-14)

You Can Do It! You Can Teach Your Primary Student Language Arts
– $14.97 value (elementary)

This handy guide uses relaxed, Charlotte Mason-inspired methods and real, living books you gather from the library or Amazon.com to teach your Kindergarten through Second Grade student Language Arts.

Teach your children phonics using these simple instructions and our Phonics Checklist.

  • Help your children fall in love with reading with our easy reading ideas and phenomenal Primary Reading List.
  • Learn how to evaluate reading and listening comprehension using oral narration.
  • Lay the groundwork for good writing skills using copy work.
  • Learn how to teach spelling with our easy instructions and 1st-2nd Grade Spelling Checklist.
  • Have the Dolch sight word list at your fingertips for Kindergarten through Third Grade.
  • Use this non-consumable language arts guide with all of your children for pennies.

Besides that,  using these simple, time-tested methods get results. No need to order and wait for separate reading, spelling, grammar, and  phonics curricula. Claim this FREEBIE and begin today teaching your primary student language arts. See the Table of Contents  here.

Click here to learn more about this product. 

Write, Color, and Memorize: Love Others Bundled Set – $18.00 value (family study)

Your kids can learn to love others right from God’s Word, the Bible.

Help your children commit 32 Bible verses about loving others to memory with this Write, Color, and Memorize Bundle. The Bundle includes four full sets.

  • Bible Verses about Love
  • Bible Verses about Friendship
  • Bible Verses about Family
  • Bible Verses about Prayer 

The Love Others Bundle includes:

  • Copywork for 32 Bible verses
  • Bible memory verse cards
  • Bookmarks for your children to record the Bible verses they’ve memorized
  • Fun scenes for your child to color
  • Two different line widths
  • An ESV version and a KJV
  • A household license–you can print a set for each of your children

Click here to learn more about this product. 

How to Survive Homeschooling through High School
– $14.99 value (high school)

You’ll learn the essential details of what you need to make your way through the confusion of homeschooling for high school:

  1. How to Measure and Assign Your Student Credits;
  2. Keeping an Accurate and Correct Transcript;
  3. Maintaining Your Sanity When It’s Testing Time!

How to Survive Homeschooling through High School will be your cheatsheet!

Story Starters: Writing Made Fun Vol 1
$15.00 value  (1st-7th grade)

Story Starters: Writing Made Fun Vol 1  contains 20 story starter topics and encompasses 5 National Park stories, 5 Famous People stories, 5 History stories, and 5 science stories. Story Starters: Writing Made Fun Vol 1 was created to help encourage children of all ages to write and be imaginative. With a little research, your child will be able to write these stories. Your child will investigate things like what it was like to be a slave being saved by Harriet Tubman or running from the Kilauea volcano as it erupts. Imagine you run into a bison while hiking in Yellowstone. These are 3 samples of stories listed in this book. Come join the adventure!

Click here to learn more about this product. 



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