Back to School Middle School Hacks

August 20, 2020

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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Let’s be real. The transition from elementary to middle school is a whole new ball game. Use these back-to-school hacks to make the transition from elementary to middle school smoother.

Back to School Middle School Hacks text with image of three boys standing together wearing backpacks

This is what I hear – nothing can prepare us for middle school. So, what we can do is stay prepared and equip ourselves with hacks to bring us through it.

Remember when you had your first child? You wanted to prepare as much as you could. Then you find yourself sitting in the middle of the living room, with yet another poopy diaper, spit-up on your shirt, feeling overwhelmed and thinking, why you ever took the time to read those What To Expect… books.

You can’t remember a thing you read and you just have to roll with it.

That may just be how it is for middle school. You get emotions flaring, tweens you can’t understand, and not really knowing how to deal with situations until you are going through it.

Many children this age experience a little more freedom and friend time away from your home. Kids know this is a change, which leads to a lot of questions and uncertainty.

There will be times you feel overwhelmed and helpless. The transition may not be too harsh; it may even change from one child to the next. However, let’s err on the side of caution here.

Middle school can be tough, but with some back to school middle school hacks, you can help stay prepared as much as possible. And for the rest there is prayer.

Equip yourself with some middle school back-to-school hacks to start off your journey.


Stay organized and teach your kids some ideas to keep organized before your start your school year off. They should be keeping organized themselves and you need to loosen up the reins a bit.

Keeping Your Middle Schoolers Organized | My Adventures in Inclusion

Middle School Student Organizers for Tweens | Look We’re Learning

Keeping Middle School Students on Track | Your Teen Mag


Life happens.

Thankfully, because you are letting go of the reins somewhat, over-planning will be extra helpful for you. If you over-plan, all you need to do is direct your middle schooler in the right direction and give them the opportunity to complete tasks on their own.

FREE Apps for Middle and High School

Free Apps for Middle & High School

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100+ Hands-On Activities for Middle School and High School | Weird Unschooled Homeschoolers

FREE Homeschool Fun for Middle School Bucket List | Rock Your Homeschool

Get your hands on some free middle school curriculum and resources.

A part of over-planning is preparing lessons in advance and preparing to provide backup lessons should last-minute things happen.

Check out these free middle school lessons:

Reformation Resources for Middle and High School Homeschool

Best FREE Homeschool Printables for Middle School EVER! | TFHSM

Greek Mythology for Middle School English / Language Arts | Language Arts Teachers

FREE Middle School Penmanship Mega Pack | Year Round Homeschooling

40 Writing Prompts for Middle School | Journal Buddies

It’s a great idea to allow your middle schooler to select a class on their own. Enjoy the freedom of online learning with Monarch. Start your no‑risk, 30‑day trial of Monarch today with code MON30HGF

Step-up your chore game.

When chores may not have been too serious and simple, middle school is a time where students know that more responsibility is required.

Pre-Teen and Teen Chores Appropriate for Their Age

Age Appropriate Chores for Preteens and Teens text with image of a girl carrying a laundry basket

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5 Chores Your Tweens Should be Doing | Pardon Me My Crown Slipped

Be prepared.

Read all about how you can help your middle schooler. You may not be fully prepared for all that is thrown at you during this time but being prepared creates a more calm reaction from you.

The Ultimate Guide To Homeschooling Middle School | Happy Homeschool Nest

How to Survive Middle School: Tips for a New School Year for Parents | One Mamas Daily Drama

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Prepare your pre-middle schooler.

You aren’t the only one that needs to prepare. More preparation provides your student with some armor to tackle this new milestone.

Home School Study Skills for Middle School | Make and Takes

Middle School Keys to Success (FREE Resource) | Pathway 2 Success

Top 10 Middle School Keys to Success | Pathway 2 Success

FREE *Tips for Surviving & Thriving the Elementary to Middle School Transition | WholeHearted School Counseling

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Remember to give yourself room and permission to be open to change. It may be a struggle at some points. However, just being aware that it can be a bumpy transition will prepare you for the coming years.

Back to School Middle School Hacks text with image of three boys standing together wearing backpacks

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