15+ Popping, Bubbling, Fizzing Fun Science Experiments

June 2, 2021

Stacey Jones

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Science is such a fun subject, helping young learners become inquisitive explorers. There are so many different exciting and fun science experiments that can be completed with only a few items, many that you would have lying around the house. Here are fifteen popping, bubbling, and fizzing experiments your kids will love.

Science Experiments

Scientific Method

If you are looking for some fun, and cheap science experiments to do with your kids, then look no further. Here is a collection of some outrageously fun experiments to do.

Before completing any of these experiments, teach children about the Scientific Method with these worksheets and flip book.

Fun Science Experiments

Here are over 15 different science experiments covering a variety of different topics.

With this fun Fizzy Frozen Heart Experiment is a fun twist on the traditional chemical reaction experiment.

With this delicious jelly bean experiment and complementary experiment worksheets, children will enjoy watching the jelly beans lose their colors.

Another tasty, or should I say tasteless when completed, experiment is this entertaining Growing Gummy Bears Experiment.

Create some interesting Walking on Eggs Experiment. Another fun way to learn about structures and buildings is with this Marshmallow Stem Building Activity.

Kids will love this fun and foaming experiment. This fun, but messy Dancing Raisins, while completing this easy experiment.

Learn about carbon dioxide with this fascinating DNA Strawberry Experiment.

Are you having chicken for dinner? Then keep the bones and try this awesome making sherbet or creating some rock candy.

Blackouts happen, though hopefully not too often. Learning to make a candle from butter is not only a fun experiment, but one that is good to know, that could be used to help in the future.

Learn about acids and bases and how things are classified with this make grapes float? This is a great experiment that young kids will love helping recreate.

This cool experiment needs candy canes to complete it, so save it now, for when you do! Watching candy canes dissolve at different rates, depending on what liquid it is placed in, is so much fun to watch.

Here is a collection of fun budget-friendly science experiments that you may also enjoy.

Maybe your kids love learning about astronomy. If so, they will love these science experiments for learning about astronomy.

What is your favorite experiment?



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