Budget-Friendly Science Experiments

October 14, 2020

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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One thing we may not have known in the beginning of our homeschool journeys is that we can totally do plenty of budget-friendly science experiments right from our own home.

Budget-Friendly Science Experiments


Science experiments are more than just keeping your student’s attention. They are more than getting your kids to do hands-on activities.

Experiments aren’t just for entertaining kids so they have fun while learning. That eventually gets exhausting.

Science experiments allow students to practice science, get results, work on inquiry skills, develop hypotheses, make predictions, collect data, and drawing conclusions.

Yes, science experiments can be super fun like this ultimate list below. However, the main point of science experiments is for children to learn and to be students that can develop questions and ones that know that for every action there is a consequence/reaction.

The best part about exploring science experiments at home is that you do not need a lab or super expensive lab equipment for your kids to get the absolute most out of the activities.

There is no special equipment required and you, parents, do not need a science degree to guide your students through them.

As a matter of fact, you can grab these FREE science experiment worksheets from Year-Round Homeschooling to provide your kiddos with the ability to keep track of all their experiments throughout the year, from beginning to end.

Science Experiment Worksheets

The list of experiments below can be done with items you can get at a dollar store. You will even have most of the items you need in your home already.

These budget-friendly science experiments can take you through engaging science learning throughout your homeschool year.

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Budget-friendly water experiments:

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Budget-friendly yummy (or food) experiments:

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Seasonal budget-friendly experiments:

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Budget-friendly experiments with specific items you already have at home:

Mason Jar Science Experiments

Mason Jar Science Experiments

Self-Inflating Balloon: Baking Soda And Vinegar Balloon Experiment | Teach Beside Me

5 Minute Science Experiments For Kids | Frugal Coupon Living

Toothpick Star Trick Science Experiment for Kids | Rookie Parenting

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Of course, there is more, I couldn’t help it.

Borax Uses for Kids – 15 Easy Borax Recipes | Frugal Coupon Living

Hovercraft Science Experiment (with items you have at home) | Living Life and Learning

Leak-Proof Bag – Kid’s Science Experiment | Paging Gun Mums

Science Experiment for Kids- Floating or Sinking Eggs | JDaniel4sMom

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Science experiments can instill curiosity and an interest in science that a textbook can never do.

For parents, it is good to know that science experiments don’t have to be costly or time-consuming. They can be simple yet create lasting results in your child’s knowledge base.

AND… YES, these budget-friendly science experiments will be loads of fun for the family as well.

Budget-Friendly Science Experiments

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