FREE Printable Charlotte Mason Style Lesson Sheets for the McGuffey and Other Readers


Lovers of the McGuffey Readers are going to love these Charlotte Mason-style Lesson Sheets! Each page has an area dedicated to copywork, narration, or dictation. If you’re not familiar with the McGuffey Reader, they’re worth your time to become better acquainted with; however, these pages would also work with any reader, short story, poem, or […]

Giotto: A FREE Charlotte Mason Picture Study Aid


The Charlotte Mason method of homeschooling has such a gentle, lovely way of introducing children to art. Simply show them the work of art and allow them to observe and enjoy it. Doesn’t that take such a load off of your back, Mom? I can tell you from experience that it makes art study an […]

Creating and Keeping a Common Place Book in your Charlotte Mason Homeschool


Just this school year I decided to have my 6th grader start keeping and using a Commonplace book for English.We use the Charlotte Mason method in our homeschool. My daughter has always done copywork in her English curriculum English Lessons Through Literature. Now that she is on Level Five, the copywork has been replaced by […]

What Do You See? A Child’s First Introduction to Art Volumes One, Two, and Three


Trivium Pursuit’s newest art curriculum is now available — What Do You See? A Child’s First Introduction to Art, Volumes One, Two, and Three. These three ebooks can be purchased on Amazon Kindle for $2.99 each…. ….but, for three days only, October 3-5, Volume One will be free on Amazon Kindle. What Do You See? […]

FREE Charlotte Mason Narration Bookmarks


These Charlotte Mason Narration Bookmarks are great to help with narration prompts after reading a chapter in a book.These bookmarks include a list of open-ended questions or “prompts” to help you remember to ask your children for a narration from the book you are reading. There are two different downloads: three per sheet for larger books and […]

FREE Printable Charlotte Mason-style E-Book: Masterly Inactivity


Exploring the freedom that’s found when children learn within the boundaries their parents set, Masterly Inactivity is a book that will help to bring balance to parenting styles. Do you feel too lenient some times and too strict at other times? This book discusses the idea of “wise and purposeful letting alone” as presented by […]

FREE Printable Timeline Figures and Lined Pages for Copywork and Dictation


Timeline figures are a wonderful way to help your child visualize historical figures and their place on history’s timeline. Lined pages for copywork or dictation are useful in helping students to describe what they’ve learned in their own words. Both of these are available for free. Charlotte Mason homeschoolers will especially love this freebie!Click here to […]

FREE Charlotte Mason Homeschool Planner


If you are using the Charlotte Mason method in your homeschool you will love this planner. This beautiful planner is perfect for the Charlotte Mason teacher! It uses the artwork of illustrator, scientist, and naturalist, Maria Sibylla Merian. The great thing about this planner is that it is completely editable. It has enrichment pages to help […]