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FREE Download: LEGO Math Challenge Card Sets


Do your children love playing with LEGOs? If so, have you considered bringing LEGOs into your math lessons? Your children will love practicing various math concepts while playing with LEGOs with these LEGO Math Challenge Cards from Life of a Homeschool Mom. The cards come in two convenient downloads and cover the following math concepts: […]

25 Do-It-Yourself LEGO Tables


If you are the parent of a LEGO lover (or are one yourself), check out these fantastic DIY LEGO Tables! There are all sorts of styles that are very “do-able,” and if you don’t see one that suits your fancy, it will certainly give you inspiration to make your own LEGO table!Click here to make […]

LEGO Fraction Games For Kids


I can’t really explain why, but some children struggle with the concept of fractions. And when I say “some children,” I may mean my own children. Or me.Anyway, there are times that a child is trying so hard to understand math, but they still don’t “get it.” If this sounds familiar, maybe it’s time to […]

Lego Chemical Reactions Lesson Plan and Experiment


Here is an awesome Lego Activity for your older kids that are learning Chemistry.This activity uses LEGO® bricks to represent atoms bonding into molecules and crystals. The lesson plan is for a 2.5 hour workshop (or four 45-minute classes). There is a “wet lab” chemistry experiment (mixing baking soda and calcium chloride with phenol red […]

31 Days of LEGO Fun with FREE Printable Challenge Calendar


Challenge your child’s logical mind with one of his favorite toys – LEGOs! This free, printable calendar will inspire him with 31 days of LEGO challenges! It’s perfect as a boredom-buster or as a change of pace in between school subjects.Click here to download your free printable! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money […]

FREE Lego Travel Adventures Unit Study


There are so many ways that your children can learn using Legos! This free 47-page LEGO Travel Adventure unit study from the Children’s Museum in Indianapolis is geared for students K–2 and 6–8, but adaptable for all ages in between. The unit contains three lessons — adventures on land, on water, and in the air — […]

Proving the Pythogorean Theorem with Legos


Are you familiar with the Pythagorean Theorem? Even if you know the equation, do you know what it means?Understanding and thenusing and applying the Pythagorean theorem is important for students because it is so foundational. It can be applied to all kinds of right triangle problems in trigonometry and geometry and is incredibly useful in […]