5 Reasons You Should Be Reading Aloud to Your Child with 8 FREE Printables


Long before a child can string written words together to read, he can participate in the glory and wonder of hearing a story. There is so much more that is happening in the simple act of reading to our children than first meets the eye. I was absolutely delighted the day I learned that there […]

FREE Printable Resource Pack for Choosing Just Right Books


Choosing the right level books for your readers can be very confusing. This packet will help with that!This packet includes a grade/book level correlation chart for grades K-5. This will help you know what level a book is on when you see a random string of letters and numbers on books. There is a chart […]

FREE Homeschool Unit Study for The Giver by Lois Lowry


I love doing unit studies on literature with my older kids in our homeschool.I think the book The Giver is a must read! If your kids love dystopian fiction they will really enjoy this book. It will also give you lots to talk about! This is a great list of free printables, online resources, essay […]

FREE BOB Books Printables


If you use BOB books in your homeschool, you’re going to love this freebie! They are free, printable packs of worksheets to accompany sets one through five of the BOB books! The amazing books have been around since the ’70s and are a favorite with children that are learning to read. Click here to download your free […]

How to Write Like Mark Twain FREE Middle School Writing Activity


Here is a fun activity to inspire your middle schoolers to write like Mark Twain! Mark Twain is a classic author and a master of satirical comedy. Your student will read a few famous authors who may have influenced Twain’s writing, and then they will create a found prose passage, combining famous author’s words with their […]

FREE Online Classic Youth Books


I generally like to hold the book I’m reading, but in some instances, I need a title fast. In those cases, an online book or ebook is the only thing that’s going to do. Here is a list of over 35 Classic Youth books, available online for free! Yes, books like The Railway Children, Polyanna, and Hans Brinker […]

3 FREE Respond to Text Printables (Book Reports)

respond to text.001

Oftentimes, students will groan when you ask them to use their own words to report on something they’ve just read. (At least mine do!) You can bring some fun energy to this important task with these free “Respond to Text” printables. (That’s basically a fancy way of saying “book report.”) Anything we can do to […]