Mega List of Adventure Books for Kids

July 29, 2020

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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What types of books keep your kids engaged and eager to read more? My older kids have always been drawn to adventure and outdoor survival type of books. There is just something about the thrill of an adventure book to keep them on the edge of their seat. If you are looking for some fun and engaging reads for your children, you are going to love this list of adventure books.

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Adventure Books are a favorite among children:

Some of our favorite books are those that tell great stories of adventure and survival. Since we love the great outdoors, camping and hiking, I have found my kids are drawn to these specific types of books. They enjoy reading about the survival skills and quick thinking to stay alive in some tough situations. Other books just feel dangerous and exciting. They can be a nice escape. We love these kinds of page turners. My children are always waiting to find out what happens next. 

Many of these books can get pretty intense. I like to either pre read them before handing them off to a child to read, or we use them as a read aloud. We will read it aloud or listen to the audio version together. This gives us an opportunity to discuss and talk about anything that may be concerning or scary. It makes for great family discussions also.

I have not read all of these books, but we have read many of them. Some of them are classics that I think every child should experience. Again, make sure to preview or read some reviews first. 

Enjoy this Mega List of Adventure Books:

Nim’s Island – If they have seen the movie, your kids will love this book. It follows an adventurous girl who lives on an island with a pet seal and an iguana. 

Island of the Blue Dolphins – A Newberry Medal book of a 12 year old girl who survives alone for 18 years on a Pacific island after she leaps from a rescue ship. 

Hatchet – Brian travels by plane to visit his father. As he is flying over the Canadian wilderness, the plane crashes leaving him as the only survivor. This is a classic survival story loved by many.

My Side of the Mountain – follows a boy who runs away from his busy New York City home, to the mountains where he befriends a falcon and finds himself.

The Call of the Wild – a classic Jack London novel about a heroic dog in the rough life of the Alaskan gold rush.

The Three Musketeers – is a timeless tale of adventure, romance, and revenge with the three musketeers working together.

Journey to the Center of the Earth – This classic tale of adventure is also one of the first types of science fiction books to be written.

The Count of Monte Cristo – This adventure book follows a young sailor accused of treason who is wrongly imprisoned. Follow him on his daring escape from prison to seeking his revenge. 

Swiss Family Robinson – this is a classic story of a family surviving on a deserted island after being shipwrecked. There are lots of wild animals and pirates!

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea – Follow Captain Nemo and his companions on a danger adventure as they’re swept along on a yearlong undersea voyage aboard the Nautilus.

Captains Corageous – this book follows a spoiled, rich teen who is washed overboard from a luxury boat. He is picked up by a crew on a fishing boat and is forced to work for his place on the ship to survive.

Julie of the Wolves – follow the adventure of Julie, an Eskimo girl who is lost on the Alaskan Tundra. She learns to survive by copying a pack of wolves and becoming a part of their family.

The Hobbit – this classic book is the prequel to the Lord of the Rings series. It follows Bilbo Baggins on the adventure of a lifetime. This is one story not to be missed.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – is a classic tale of adventure as Alice falls down the rabbit hole to a world unlike anything anyone has experienced before.

For fun, and because they are amazing, your kids will love these Animal Adventure Books:

The Jungle Book – is a classic book of tales from Rudyard Kipling. These stories follow the adventures of the beloved characters your family will know from Disney’s Jungle Book movie. 

Watership Down – this timeless tale follows a band of wild rabbits who have to leave their warren to a promised land of hope and safety. There are so many adventurous things that happen to them along the way.

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nihm – If you love the movie the Secret of Nihm, you will enjoy this timeless adventure tale of rats helping a widowed mouse and her family

Stuart Little – Stuart is a mouse that lives with a family in the city. His greatest adventure is when his best bird friend disappears. He has to leave his home and go an an adventure to find her. 

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane – this story follows a china rabbit as he is lost into the depths of the ocean and his travels to find his owner.

The Tale of Despereaux – A brave mouse, a covetous rat, a wishful serving girl, and a princess named Pea come together in this adventurous story.

The Green Ember – “My place beside you, my blood for yours. Till the Green Ember Rises, or the end of the world!” This is an amazing story with sword yielding rabbits and daring quests.

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Mega List of Adventure Books for Kids text with image of an arrow and a sign that says \'Adventure\' on it

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