Immerse Your Kids in History with the “If You Lived…” Series

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Using a lively question and answer format, the “If You Lived…” series addresses many important topics throughout history. The role of children in the historic events is emphasized so that your kids can really relate to the descriptions and feel some connection with the people of that period.


There are several titles in this series and we have enjoyed many of them. It is easy to incorporate this series into your homeschool history curriculum, for example, when we were learning about the Colonial Times, we read If You Lived In Colonial Times. My daughter loves the illustrations and descriptions of dwellings, clothing, and even about the children’s chores (I wish she loved her own chores!)

We created a resource to go with If You Lived In Colonial Times that is currently available for FREE! Living in Colonial Times – A Notebooking Journey is a brand new release and will be priced at $7.99, but for a limited time you can get it for FREE! More in the series will be released later this year. 

The layout flows in a way that you can skip around in the book and stretch it out over a several history lessons. This series covers many events from American History that will help your children relate to the specific time period.

If you are looking for some fun, educational books you can use to read alongside the period of history you are studying, check these out! The target ages are 8-11, but of course, that’s flexible. 

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Here are some of the titles in the series. You can view more here.

If You Lived In Colonial TimesIf You Lived In Colonial TimesIf You Lived At The Time Of The American RevolutionIf You Lived At The Time Of The American RevolutionIf You Lived 100 Years AgoIf You Lived 100 Years AgoIf You Lived In Williamsburg in Colonial DaysIf You Lived In Williamsburg in Colonial DaysIf You Lived When There Was Slavery In AmericaIf You Lived When There Was Slavery In AmericaIf You Lived At The Time Of The Civil WarIf You Lived At The Time Of The Civil WarIf You Lived When Women Won Their RightsIf You Lived When Women Won Their RightsIf You Lived With The IroquoisIf You Lived With The IroquoisIf You Lived With The Indians Of The Northwest CoastIf You Lived With The Indians Of The Northwest Coast. . . If You Lived at the Time of Martin Luther King. . . If You Lived at the Time of Martin Luther KingIf You Lived With The Hopi IndiansIf You Lived With The Hopi IndiansIf You Lived In The Days Of The KnightsIf You Lived In The Days Of The Knights


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