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March 29, 2020

Annette Breedlove

Annette Breedlove

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Anyone who knows me knows that arts and crafts are the bain of my existence. I literally clam up and have a panic attack when it comes to doing arts and crafts with my kids. Part of it is my own personal OCD issues because I want things to look just like the images of the original creator.

I have done better over the last few years, but it is still hard for me to “let them loose” on craft projects. And I know that’s silly. So now that my kids are a little older, I have started giving them “guidelines” to follow and then I go to the other room and let them go.

young girl sitting on cushion holding tablet with YouTube showing

Both of my girls can be crafty, but my youngest daughter is the one that literally has to create something every single day. If she hasn’t colored that day and you tell her no (even at bedtime), it’s like you’ve completely crushed her lifelong dream of coloring!

And I don’t mean to make light of it, because she really just has so much creativity in her head that she has to have an outlet. Recently coloring isn’t always enough, so when we have time during the day we allow her to get everything out and just create away. But we often run out of ideas. So I have turned to YouTube for help!

Whether you’re looking for art and crafting tutorials or specific projects, we are here to help. This list of YouTube channels, videos, and playlists covers everything from drawing lessons to crafts that kids will love!

NOTE: YouTube can be a wonderful tool when used correctly. We encourage parents to review channels first before your child views it. We do not make any claims to know what is appropriate for your child(ren), that is totally your call. Please review these channels to make sure they align with your homeschooling goals and values.

Art Lesson YouTube Channels & Playlists for Kids 

Art for Kids Hub – We love this channel and Rob. His videos are so fun and easy to follow. My kids have learned to draw everything from animals to their favorite cartoon characters and more! While you can totally just view his lessons on YouTube, he does have a subscriber-only site where kids can watch the videos distraction-free. Plus, subscribers get access to the exclusive printable library that includes the step-by-step instructions.

Draw So Cute – This channel has the cutest videos! Kids can learn to draw adorable characters of food (think Shopkins), easy unicorn animals and objects, and more. She also has some crafts you can make with your drawings. Overall a fun channel for kids! 

Mister Maker’s Fun Makes! – This playlist includes 23 fun craft videos. “Mister Maker is the ultimate arts and crafts show which teaches and entertains in fun and imaginative ways. On his official channel, you will find lots of fun “How To Makes” and simple step-by-step guides.” -YouTube description

Kids Art Book – This channel teaches kids how to make simple art scapes through fun, easy-to-follow videos. There isn’t a lot on this channel, but they are worth a look.

ART Tube – I would definitely say most of the videos on this channel are for older children or advanced artists. They are very detailed in their instruction and require some basic knowledge of art. She uses all different mediums, like watercolor, oils, acrylic, charcoal and much more! There are a few for younger children though, so don’t skip over it entirely!

Happy Drawings – This is a great beginner art channel. They use simple shapes and colors, so even your little ones will enjoy these videos.

Draw It, Too – If you have a child into graphic novels, comic books, and video games, they will love the videos on this channel! With easy to follow, step-by-step videos, your kids will enjoy working on these!

Draw With Jazza – This is a fun channel for kids. Not only is he funny, but he does reviews of materials, how to draw videos, sculpture and painting videos and more!


Art Instruction Videos

8 Awesome Drawing Tricks for Kids by Crafts for Kids – Learn “how to draw a tree for kids easy way with cotton swabs, drawing flowers with a bottle or amazing blossom tree, dandelion your kids can do it simply and easily.” -YouTube description

16 Easy Drawing Tricks for Kids by Crafts for Kids – Kids will learn how to draw animals just using the shape of their hands!

How to Turn Numbers into Cartoon Animals by Crafts for Kids – Learn how to turn numbers into cartoon animals with numbers from 0-9. Includes step-by-step instructions for kids to learn how to draw a shark, rabbit, cat and more! 

How to draw using Numbers | Draw using Number 9 from Kids Art TV – All of these drawings use just the number 9. You’ll find a watch, a bumblebee, and balloons.

A to Z Turn Letters into Cartoons by Mahesh Pendam Art – This video does some fun things with each of the 26 letters in the English alphabet.

Easy Drawing Tricks for Kids – I love handprint art! This video shows how easy and simple it can be to create art from a painted handprint! “…this video will show you how to draw an animal such as flamingo, giraffe, peacock or a crab”.

3D Drawing Videos – My oldest has recently become obsessed with 3D art. He will sit for hours watching and duplicating drawings from videos. I was never good at art, but I loved 3D drawings. They are always so unique and can turn into anything you want!


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Craft Channels & Videos for Kids

Crafts for Kids – This channel has a couple of craft playlists and videos kids can choose from. The Paper Crafts playlist includes 4 different videos. But you can 

123 Easy Paper Crafts for kids – I think I am in LOVE with this channel! It has so many fun and creative paper craft ideas that will keep your kids busy for days! From animals to holidays to a little origami, you’ll find so much to do!

Magic Origami – If you’ve ever wondered how origami worked, now you can find out! This channel has some fun videos about making origami animals, boxes, and even a cartoon character!

Easy Kids Crafts – This channel has a ton of great kids’ craft videos that are both simple and fun for kids.

Easy Crafts and DIYs by Craft Factory – From DIY soaps to Christmas decorations to paint hacks and more, your kids will love browsing through these almost 90 videos to see what sparks their interest.

Crafts It Easy – My daughter loves creating “clothes” and accessories for her dolls. If you girls have Barbie dolls, they might find this channel fun!

I Heart Crafty Things – This is one of my favorite craft blogs and now you can watch all her creations on video! If you want the written step-by-step instructions, just hop on over to her blog to find them.

Red Ted Art – Another one of my go-to craft blogs, Red Ted Art has adorable videos on YouTube. They have the cutest and most clever ideas that your kids will love! They have TONS of videos to watch.


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young girl sitting on cushion holding tablet with YouTube showing

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