What can you do with your old Bibles?

January 27, 2020

Abby Banks

Abby Banks

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After our teenaged son got a new Bible for Christmas, we googled “how to properly dispose of old Bibles” to see what was suggested. Is it like an American flag, that you’re supposed to respectfully burn when it’s old and tattered? But couldn’t someone get more use out of our old Bible, even if we didn’t need it anymore? That’s when we found the answer to our question with LovePackages.org

Could someone get more use out of our old Bibles? LovePackages.org makes sure your old Bibles get into the hands of people who need them.

Even though it is considered respectful to bury an old Bible, wouldn’t it be better to put it into the hands of someone who needs it?

That’s how the ministry LovePackages.org was started. 

Check out the story of how LovePackages was born.


The impact of old Bibles

LovePackages ships more than 1000 tons of recycled gospel literature to the mission field every year.

Even if your used Bible is missing some pages or has bent corners, there are people around the world that would treasure a copy of the God’s Word! They are glad to receive your “worn-out” copy of Scripture. 

Plus, LovePackages.org reports that at least 20 people read each piece of literature that they ship abroad. It is being shared because it is so valuable! That means, for each shipping container sent overseas with 1 million pieces of Christmas literature in it, there is potential to reach 20 million people!

And believe it or not, many people all around the world can read English, so your English Bible is still a precious commodity!

So, what if you could reach 20 people who’ve never read a Bible? What if your old copy of the Bible on the bookshelf could impact the lives of an entire village? Would you send it?

You can read countless testimonies of people who have been transformed by the ministry of LovePackages sending God’s Word overseas.

Pastors who did not have the money to buy even a sample of a Gospel Scripture, do now have access to a lot of literature, Bibles and books that you shipped to us. I can’t begin to tell you the great difference it has made. Distributor in Swaziland


How to Get Involved

Our church decided to do a used Bible drive in January. Many people are in the decluttering mood at this time of year – plus some of us got new Bibles for Christmas! Would you consider donating your unused Bibles to LovePackages so that someone across the globe will have a copy of God’s Word? 

When our family went through the house collecting old Bibles, it was sad to see how many extras we had that we weren’t using! 

If you live near Butler, IL,  or Decatur, AL, you can drop off your Christian literature donations. The rest of us can mail them to their warehouse. You could host a Bible drive in your community. You could even buy them at thrift stores and yard sales to donate. Are you finished using Sunday school curriculum? They take that too! You can also send devotional books overseas. Don’t let your Bibles and other Christian material go to waste.

Find out more and get the mailing address to send your old Bibles to LovePackages.org!

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