Strategies and Game Ideas on How to Multiply Double Digits

July 2, 2019

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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I am really concerned about moving on to teaching double digit multiplication in my homeschool. My son was having such a hard time with multiplication that I had to stop mid-term and go back to the basics to start the subject all over again. If you need some help with teaching double-digit multiplication then this resource will help.

A step by step guide how to multiple double digits

I tis super important for kids to understand what multiplication means and the importance of knowing the facts before proceeding with harder problems to solve like double digits. The key is to make sure students solidify their multiplications facts and to see visually how multiplication works and what it is in a picture.

That is what I needed to do with my son, anyway. I went back to basics and used as many visuals or visual pictures as possible. Now gradually progressing to double digits may be another challenge. However, these strategies and game ideas to learn how to multiply double digits will be a great help to you and your child in this journey.

Check out how to multiply double digits with cool strategies and game ideas from Math Geek Mama.


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