Resources to Teach Kids About Oceania

May 4, 2020

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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Oceania is a geographic region with coined as the collective name for thousands of islands scattered throughout the Pacific Ocean. These resources to teach kids about Oceania will help your kids learn all about these amazing island groups – even one that is considered an Island Continent.

Resources to Teach Kids About Oceania


If you aren’t familiar with Oceania, it’s OK because many people aren’t. They may have heard of some popular areas in the region like Australia, Fiji, and New Zealand. However, people may not be aware that these larger countries are a part of the region making up Oceania.

What is Oceania exactly?

Oceania is the smallest continent of our planet as far as landmass goes. We often call Australia the continent, although it is actually just a part of the region. That is why Australia is called the Island Continent.

Unfortunately, the islands surrounding Australia, in Oceania, aren’t typically included in the 7-continent “traditional” model taught to our kids in primary school ages. Of course, Australia is the largest island in Oceania, but Oceania is made up of 14 different countries.

The 14 countries making up Oceania are Australia, Micronesia, Fiji, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, New Zealand, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, and Vanuatu.

The Oceania region spreads 28 degrees North of the northern hemisphere and 55 degrees South in the southern hemisphere. Therefore, the climate in the countries is diverse and varies from 123 °F in the Australian Outback to −14 °F in the mountains of New Zealand.

Side note: I happen to live in the Kingdom of Tonga, and island group/archipelago in Oceania. We are actually the last Kingdom in the area, meaning we still have a king over a constitutional monarchy. It’s pretty cool.

Side, side note: We are also the home of the Tongan “shirtless” Olympian, Pita Taufatofua, who is super friendly, by the way. Even with his fame, you could find him helping his dad in the bushlands. Tonga is also the homeland of The Tongan Sisters from America’s Most Musical Family.

Back to Oceania.

Oceania is a cool area to study in your homeschool. They have so many interesting people and land/sea structures to keep your kids engaged and interested.

Oceania is home to the Great Barrier Reef, the home of Nemo and Dory of Finding Nemo.

It also has rich and vibrant cultures from the Maori native people of New Zealand to the Aboriginal Australians who still hold dear their ceremonies and practices.

Here are some resources for specific Oceania countries:

New Zealand

Resources for Learning About New Zealand

Resources for Learning About New Zealand.


Resources for Learning About Australia

Resources for Learning About Australia

Learning About the Continents FREE Printables and Resources: Australia

Learning About the Continents Free Printables and Resources Australia

FREE Resources for Studying Australia

resources for studying Australia

FREE Animals of the Australian Bush Printables

FREE Animals of the Australian Bush Printables text with photo of kangaroo crossingsign.


FREE All About Palau Booklet | Learning with Mrs Fresh


FREE Samoa Reading Comprehension Journal Activities – Pacific Islands | Top Teaching Tasks

Samoa Reading and Writing Activities – Pacific Islands | Top Teaching Tasks


Fiji Reading and Writing Activities – Pacific Islands | Top Teaching Tasks


Niue Reading and Writing Activities – Pacific Islands | Top Teaching Tasks


Tuvalu Reading and Writing Activities – Pacific Islands | Top Teaching Tasks

Cook Islands

Cook Islands Reading and Writing Activities | Top Teaching Tasks

Grab these amazing resources to teach kids about Oceania in your homeschool:

Oceania Interactive Notebook | Having A Fields Day 

Montessori Inspired Animals of the Continents Bingo Printable | Montessori Nature

20 Animals of Australia / Oceania 3 – Part Montessori Cards + Information Cards | Montessori Nature

Oceania Australia Animals Math Packet | Pinay Homeschooler

Oceania Research Cards | Elementary Observations

Australia and Pacific Islands for Kids: Streaming Resources for Oceania Continent Study | The Homeschool Resource Room

Australia / Oceania Resource Pack | Montessori Nature

Montessori-Inspired Oceania Research

Come explore…Oceania | Lonely Planet Kids

Flag Bingo Oceania | Donald’s English Classroom

Oceania Research Flip Books | Simple Living, Creative Learning

Oceania Research Flip Books

Australia and Oceania Preschool Pack | Trillium Montessori

Montessori-Inspired Australia/Oceania Printable Pack Bundle | Every Star is Different

Social Studies Australia & Oceania Countries Flags, Capitals, & Map Location | Educating Abroad

Oceania 14 Countries Study – worksheets with maps and flags for each country | Play and Learn

Countries in Oceania | Treetop Resources

Montessori Inspired Landmarks of Australia/Oceania 3 Part Cards and Fact Cards | Pinay Homeschooler

Australia and Oceania Map FREE coloring page | Super Coloring

Map of Australia and Oceania FREE Worksheet | Campaign Classroom

Australia and Oceania Labeling Map | Sincerely Sally

Australia and Oceania Geography FREE Flip Book | Penelope Winter

Continents: (Australia) Oceania Listening Guide | Travel Teach Love

Oceania Geography Printable Word Search Puzzle | Loquacious Learning

FREE Flags of Oceania | Free Printable Flags

Oceania: Countries and Territories Printables – FREE Map Quiz Game | Seterra

Geography of Oceania and Australia | Ducksters

Oceania Films and Facts | Oddizzi

Oceania and the Pacific Islands | All Around this World

Your kids will enjoy learning all about these nations that make up Oceania and the history of the amazing seafarers that came from the island groups. Go on a journey through the lands of Moana (which means ocean), koala bears, kangaroos, Kingfisher birds, and beautiful whales.

Resources to Teach Kids About Oceania

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