Free Resources for Studying Australia

January 15, 2020

Stacey Jones

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Located in the Southern Hemisphere, Australia is about to celebrate Australia Day on the 26thof January. This unique country that is currently threatened with many bushfires, is famous for its beautiful beaches, large deserts and the Great Barrier Reef. Studying Australia is so much fun with these resources, activities and free printables.

resources for studying Australia


Australia is a really interesting and unique country to study and there are so many activities that you can do as part of a study of Australia. Here is a great list of fun hands-on activities as well as free printables that can be used as part of your study of Australia.

Fun Hands-On Activities

Learn about the Boab Tree while creating these awesome Boab Tree Mosaic Art pieces.

Learn about the history of the Australian Aboriginal people with these awesome Aboriginal Symbol Stones.

Aboriginal Rock Art is fascinating. Create your own Hand Stencils with this fun art project.

Learn about the country, Aussie slag, foods in Australia, the climate and animals with this exciting Australia Lapbook.

Try some Australian foods, such as Pavlova, meat pie, lamingtons and Vegemite. Not only can it be fun, you may find a tasty new dish to add to your menu. Cooking with children can also be a great learning experience for them as well.

Australia Lapbook


All around Australia, you will find some ‘Big Icons’, such as the Big Lobster, the Big Banana, the Big Deck Chair and the Big Guitar. Research more about these icons while completing these Australia Big Icon worksheets.

Australia has a variety of unique animals. Learn about some of them with this Australian Animal Printable Pack or with this Australian Birds Printable Pack.

Learn about the Australia Gold Rush with these free Australian Gold Rush Timeline Cards.

These Australian Cards are a great way to learn the different States and Territories that make up Australia.

Explore the history of Australia with these free Australian Exploration Timeline Cards.

The echidna is one of the most unique animals in Australia. Learn more about it with this Echidna Life Cycle Printable Pack, aimed at children in kindergarten through Grade 2.

Another strange animal found only in Australia is the platypus. Learn more about the platypus and its life cycle with this Platypus Life Cycle Printable Pack.

You may also enjoy this FREE printable Passport for your country studies and this FREE Biography Report for studying people from each country that is studied.

Australia Unit Study

Explore more about Australia with this Australia Unit Study from Simple Living. Creative Learning, free until the end of January.



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