Free Sentence Writing Worksheets for Students

November 17, 2022

Sara Dennis

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Are you teaching your kids how to write? Then you need some printable sentence writing worksheets

sentence writing worksheets

Sentences Worksheets

Kids don’t automatically know how to write a correct sentence when they first learn how to write. After all, spoken language is full of fragments and incomplete thoughts. And when kids are transitioning to the written language, they need to learn how to write a complete sentence to communicate clearly.

Sentence worksheets are a great way to introduce children and adult English learners to proper sentence structure. They will learn how to put a group of words together in the correct order so they can easily communicate through the written word.

Parts of a Sentence

The first step to learning how to write a good sentence is to know the parts of a sentence. These basic parts of a sentence are the subject, predicate, direct object, and indirect object.

The subject is who or what the sentence is about, while the predicate contains a verb and says something about the subject. For instance, in the sentence “Sam jumps.” Sam is the subject, and jumps is the predicate.

A direct object is something that is receiving the action. In the sentence, “Sam kicked the ball.” the ball is receiving the action. It’s being kicked, and so it’s the direct object.

An indirect object receives an action but is not the main object. In the sentence, “Sam gave the book to Susy.” the book is the direct object because it’s what is being given, and Susy is the part of the sentence called the indirect object because Susy received the book.

Full Sentences vs Fragments

A full sentence is a group of words that express a complete thought, but a fragment is only part of a sentence. Often a fragment is made up of just the subject or predicate, and it doesn’t complete the thought of the sentence.

Sentence Fragments – This pdf worksheet has kids read a series of simple sentences and fragments to determine which are complete sentences and which are fragments.

Sentences or Fragments? – Kids will love completing this printable worksheet that challenges them to find sentence fragments. 

Types of Sentences (Statements, Questions, Exclamations)

As kids learn to write sentences, they must learn the different types of sentences, when to use them, and the correct ending mark. 

Declarative Sentences

Declarative sentences are sometimes called statements because they state or declare something. For instance, a declarative sentence may state, “The dog has brown fur.” 

Interrogative Sentences

An interrogative sentence is a question. You can explain the name by letting kids know that when someone is interrogating another person, they’re asking a lot of questions. An example of an interrogative sentence is, “What color is the dog?”

Exclamatory Sentences

Exclamatory sentences show strong feelings on the part of the writer. One example of an exclamatory sentence is, “That dog has purple and green fur!”

Imperative Sentences

An imperative sentence is a command. Commands usually only contain the predicate as the subject is an implied you. The reason is that people give commands to another person nearby. An example of an imperative sentence is, “Shut the door.” 

Types of Sentences Worksheets

The best way to help kids master the different sentence types is to use hand the kids a grammar worksheet. These worksheets are great to use with kids in elementary and middle school.

Catch a Wave With the Four Types of Sentences – The Catch a Wave activity is a fun way to teach kids between the 2nd grade and the 5th grade how to tell the difference between the different types of sentences. Kids are given simple sentences and need to sort the sentences into various types.

Types of Sentences – This practice worksheet also helps learn to tell the difference between different types of sentences. 

Color by Code: 4 Types of Sentences – Color by code is a fun way for kids between the 4th grade and the 8th grade to master the various types of sentences.

Simple and Compound Sentences

As kids progress in their ability to write proper sentences, they need to learn the difference between a simple sentence and a compound sentence. The best way is to use these printable activities to give your kids extra practice.

Cursive Writing Practice Sheets – There are so many benefits of cursive writing. These cursive writing sheets not only help kids with their fine motor skills but also give kids practice writing simple and compound sentences.

Simple Vs Compound Sentences – Help your kids learn how to classify simple and compound sentences in the English language by labeling various sentences simple or compound.

Practice: Simple Vs Compound Sentences – This grammar worksheet has kids label sentences either simple or compound and requires them to identify the coordinating conjunction as well.

Combining Sentences PDF

Once kids learn how to write simple sentences, they need to learn how to combine sentences to create a well-developed sentence. These worksheets will give kids practice doing just that! Learning how to combine sentences helps to improve kid’s writing.

Free Writing Practice: Combining Sentences – This worksheet will have kids combining and writing sentences to improve their writing ability.

Combining Sentences Freebie – This worksheet uses minimal writing to teach kids how to combine basic sentences using the conjunctions and, but, and or.

Free Graphic Organizers Templates – Graphic organizers are the best way to help kids transition from writing basic sentences to combining sentences into longer sentences and paragraphs. These organizers will help kids create a topic sentence and continue writing their own sentences in a logical order.

blue and yellow image with a flow chart and text overlay

Free Sentences Worksheets

These writing sentences worksheets are a great way to help your kids learn how to write the perfect sentence. You can also use preposition worksheets to help students master the use of prepositions in sentence writing. Once they get a little father along, you can learn how to teach setting so your students can become competent writers. 

Run-on Sentences Worksheets

Run-on sentences occur when an independent clause is incorrectly joined with another independent clause. These sentence building worksheets will help your kids learn about writing sentences correctly.

Practice: The Run On Sentence – This worksheet gives kids practice learning how to recognize and correct a run on sentence.

Fixing Run On Sentences – Have kids fix ten sentences that are similar to run-on sentences that students use in their writing. 

Correcting Run On Sentences – Use this grammar worksheet to help kids learn how to fix run on sentences by writing the correct sentence below the run on sentence.

Subjects and Predicates Printables

Help your kids master subjects and predicates with these fabulous printables. They’re a fun way to help kids understand what a simple subject and a simple predicate are.

Fun Grammar Activities: Subjects and Predicates – These printable activities are a great way to help your elementary kids learn about telling the difference between the predicate of the sentence and the subject! They’ll also get practice identifying fragments.

Subjects and Predicates – Help kids learn to recognize the subject and predicates with these simple grammar worksheets.

Silly Sentences (Subjects and Predicates) – Silly sentences are a fun way to help kids master subjects, predicates, and parts of speech. Kids are also given the opportunity to write their own silly sentences. Make sure you tell your little children in the first grade to start each sentence with a capital letter.

Shortening Sentences Worksheets

One common problem people run into while writing is using extremely long sentences. These sentence writing worksheets will help your kids learn how to shorten sentences to make their points more concise.

Shortening Sentences – Have your children turn the long sentences into concise shorter ones while making their point clear.

Shortening Relative Clauses – Help English learners remove excess words by shorting the relative clauses in these sentences.

Shortening Sentences Worksheet – Can your kids figure out what words aren’t needed in these sentences? Download and print the worksheet to find out!

Adding Details to Sentences

Learning how to shorten sentences is useful, but students also need to learn how to add details to sentences. These worksheets will teach kids how to write letters, use transition words, and create paragraphs. These skills will help your children learn to write clearly so they can communicate well.

Learning to How to Write Letters – Writing letters to the various people in your life is an important skill to teach children. It’s also a great way to teach kids to write and add detail to their sentences.

Four Star Sentences – This graphic organizer will have your children find boring sentences in their writing to turn into four-star sentences!

Story Writing Templates – Using story writing outlines and templates is a great way to help kids transition into writing stories. 

Transition Words for Kids – Unfortunately, kids aren’t born knowing how to use transition words in their writing. This download will help kids learn how to use words and phrases to make their writing flow smoothly.

Transition Words Charts and Cards printable download

In Conclusion

These sentence writing worksheets will help your children develop the skills they need to write well. Once kids have mastered the art of writing a sentence, they can move on to learning how to write a paragraph. Eventually, your children can write essays, reports, and letters easily. Your children will have mastered the art of writing.

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